March Heroes Preview – Eddard and Sansa

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During the next Heroes of the Great Game event on March 14th, two new heroes will be joining the Game of Thrones: Conquest heroes roster! This month features the young Eddard Stark (Quiet Wolf) and Sansa Stark (Lady of the North).

Let’s dive deeper into what these members of House Stark have to offer!

Eddard Stark – Quiet Wolf

Eddard Stark (Quiet Wolf) offers a variety of Ranged Skills whether he’s leading your marches or seated on your council as the Master of War. For a more offensive approach, consider having him in your marches to activate his signature skill, Ranged Attack Vs. Players Cavalry. This also allows him to buff your Ranged Attack Vs. Players, and March Speed Vs. Players!

If you’re deciding to place him on your Council, he’ll provide defensive Ranged buffs such as Ranged Defense Vs. Players Cavalry, Marcher Ranged Defense Vs. Players, and Ranged Health Vs. Players.

Sansa Stark – Lady of the North

Sansa Stark (Lady of the North) is a great choice for Infantry players rallying against Seats of Power! When seated as the Hand on the Small Council, she activates her signature skill, Infantry Defense Vs. Seats of Power. At the same time, she’ll buff up your Infantry Health Vs. Seats of Power and Seats of Power Reinforcement Capacity.

For a less specialized approach, overall Troop Defense and Health Vs. Seats of Power are buffed when she’s sent alongside marches.

Let us know what you think of these brand new heroes arriving in March! If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback in the #heroes channel.