Release Notes 2022_03

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Update 2022_03 is rolling out! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

The snow melts away as lights shines upon the city scene this month! ☀️ Because of this, please allow for additional loading time the first time you open the game after updating. While assets are still downloading, you may see symptoms such as:

  • buildings within the city not immediately loading in
  • the combat map not being available
  • slower loading in general

We recommend that you connect to a strong wifi connection rather than cellular data for this update and the first time you load in after updating, and if you encounter any of the symptoms above, leave the game open for a minute to let it finish downloading in the background before attempting to play.

If you restart the game while it is in the middle of this background downloading, it will have to restart the next time you load in, so it’s best to just let it sit open unless its been an excessive amount of time (several minutes.)

New and Upcoming

  • We recently added the ability to save multiple heroes to a march preset with an order to determine who should be sent first if the original hero is busy.
  • Keep on the lookout for a new addition to Hero Collection Actions that will allow players to specify when to activate each charge for actions with limited uses!
  • The Auto Speed Up Toggle is now a permanent addition to your troop training panels!

Bug Fixes

  • In the Events Panel, the Trophy badge on an event could display with a white background
  • While in the Shrine, resource bubbles that appear from tapping on the resources icons could not be popped.
  • In the Tower of the Hand, it was possible to get into a state where all Hero Cards in the Tower of the Hand displayed as level 24 with 7 stars.
  • During a KvK Invasion event, the KvK chat tab would not appear on the city hub or in the chat panel.
  • While in the Preset Manager, switching between Preset Builds with the arrows would not reflect the selected presets of the current build.
  • When Troops were ready to be collected, tapping on any button inside the training building’s panel could cause an ‘Out of Sync’ error to occur.
  • While on the March Pawn selection screen, the Equip button would change to the Save button if another Army Formation was selected.
  • After relaunching the game, the Screen Reader would turn off if it was enabled.
  • In the Hero Collection panel, toggling a Hero as a favorite would not cause it to be sorted to the top when the sort option was set to Default.
  • When a new message is received in the Message Center, all messages would automatically be marked as read.
  • When a message is received or an item is added to the Inventory, there would be no notification dots above the Message Center or Inventory icons on the interface at the bottom of the screen.
  • After removing a Hero from a seat of the Small Council, the removed Hero would continue to display as the current Hero on the “Choose Hero” panel.
  • When viewing a Player Profile during KvK, the background for the player coordinates icon in the actions menu would appear white instead of matching the background of the other actions.
  • In the Allegiance Menu, the player’s liege would not display on the “MY LIEGE” section if the liege was also the Allegiance Leader.
  • When creating or editing Preset Builds, the icons for each slot would appear the same red color instead of their default colors.
  • While looking at the Kingdom map during a KvK event, allegiances from the opposing kingdom would display the incorrect Kingdom Number.
  • Map Finder buttons linked to an event would not function if another search was in progress.
  • Occasionally players would not receive push notifications for direct messages when the game was left running in the background.