Introducing : Trinket Flux!

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We’re bringing Flux to Trinkets! 

You should be familiar with this versatile crafting material from its appearance within the Gear system. However, whether you love it or hate it, Trinkets do operate a bit differently from gear, so let’s jump into what that means for Trinket Flux!

Prior to the release of Trinket Flux,
  • We broke out the completed Trinket Armory Collections into 5 groups for flashback events. Each group highlighted 3 completed collections (9 total trinkets) each.
After the release of Trinket Flux,
  • We are reducing these down to 4 groups, each one with its own flux (Trinket Flux I, II, III, or IV)
  • That Flux can be used in Trinket Flux Recipes to acquire any trinket material that is part of the group.

At the end of each gear season, we currently intend to take any Trinket Armory Collections that were completed during that season and add them to one of the existing 4 flux groups. Take a look at the chart below to keep track of the current armories, groups, trinkets, and materials.

This is one of several common points of feedback we hear surrounding Trinkets. Flux was the quickest to tackle first, and we hope you enjoy this new method of acquiring crafting materials! 

Let us know what you think over in the #smithy channel on discord, and as always, thank you for playing Game of Thrones: Conquest!