Night’s Watch Mutiny Event Updates

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Driven mad with cold and hunger, a faction of the Night’s Watch has overthrown the Lord Commander and claimed Castle Black as their personal holdfast. For the sake of the realm, you must restore sanity!


Night’s Watch Mutiny returns with some highly requested changes! 

While the bones of this event remain familiar, we have made iterations to address common areas of confusion, as well as buffed up the utility of Strategic Terrain & recipe pillar of the event. 

Read on for: 

  • An overview of the event as it stands today
  • Strategic tips for each portion of the event 
  • And stick around to the end for a rundown of all the changes, with commentary from our designers.

Event Overview

Your entire Allegiance must band together to support your strongest fighters if you are to reclaim the Wall!

Night’s Watch Mutiny is a complex event structure, offering players 2 different gameplay routes to choose from:

  • Fight for Event-Limited Seats of Power along the Wall, or
  • Plunder Strategic Terrain for powerful advantages to boost yourself and your teammates fighting at the Wall.

Piece by Piece

There are many pieces to Night’s Watch Mutiny – Let’s break down each event that goes into the 2-day brawl, with strategies for each gameplay route!

Sword in the Darkness

The mutineers have one advantage: the Night’s Watch knows cold and darkness even better than the armies of Winterfell. Your troops will need training to hold fast when Northern winds freeze their fingers closed around their swords.

  • Earn points from training troops!

All Eyes on the Watch

Few conflicts in Westeros would give pause to the political aspirations of the lords and ladies of Westeros, but this rebellion at the Wall is one such event. Order must be restored to the Realm’s protectors before it can be brought to the Realm itself.

All Seats except the Night’s Watch Castles along the Wall are locked until this event ends!

There are 4 Night’s Watch Event-limited Seats of Power, Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, the Shadow Tower, the Nightfort, and Castle Black. Find them by using the Seat of Power menu, under The Gift, or head to the Gift region of the map and head north until you hit the Wall!

  • No points are associated with this event.

Battle in the Gift

Send troops to occupy the Gift. Cut off the road to Eastwatch and set ambushes in Mole’s Town. The Wall is only fortified on the northern side; if you control the south, the mutineers can either fight from a weak position or flee into the frozen wastes.

If fighting at the wall is not for you, or if you and your allies are in need of bolstering before you can take on the challenge, Battle in the Gift is a critical event for you.

  • Strategic Terrain (ST) nodes will spawn during this event. You can gather Battlefield Salvage from these nodes, which can then be used to craft Strategic Maneuvers via Recipes. 
  • Strategic Maneuvers are personal gifts. Once sent, a Strategic Maneuver will award your entire allegiance, including yourself, with Strategic Advantage. In addition to crafting Strategic Maneuvers through Recipes, you will also receive one of these gifts for completely clearing a Strategic Terrian node of its Battlefield Salvage.
  • Strategic Advantage is a resource you can use to craft other recipes, including powerful vs Wall SoP buffs, or Advanced Teleports to help you travel between Strategic Terrain in the Gift.

Earn points from: 

  • Defeating other players’ troops at Strategic Terrain
  • Gathering Battlefield Salvage
  • Completing Battlefield Salvage recipes
  • Sending Strategic Maneuver gifts

Be on the lookout for event recipes that use Battlefield Salvage and Strategic Advantage to help you on the battlefield!

Hour of the Wolf (Continuous Rounds)

This event represents the continuous rounds of locking and unlocking that happens along the Wall.

Each round, the Event-Limited Seats of Power along the Wall will unlock for 2 hours, followed by 1 hour where the seats will lock. Anyone holding a Seat when they lock may safely claim event shipments for the rest of the hour.

After the 3rd hour, the round ends. All players holding a Night’s Watch Seat of Power at that time will be evicted before the seat unlocks again for a new round.

Night’s Watch Mutiny runs for a total of 48 hours, with 16 continuous rounds throughout. It is not necessary to compete in every round to complete the event. 

Work with your team to decide what rounds will work best for you. Perhaps you want to focus on Battle in the Gift first, so your team can gather resources for event boosts before heading to the Wall. Or perhaps the deciding factor will be as simple as comparing timezones for a timely coordinated push. 

The key takeaway here is that there are a lot of rounds, so be wise about which ones you choose to partake in!

  • No points are associated with this event.

War for the Wall

The mutineers are trapped in an unfortified castle with low morale and dwindling supplies. Your allies have given you every possible advantage in this fight. Now is the time to strike!

This is an all-out king of the hill style brawl for the Seats of power along the Wall.

Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, the Shadow Tower, the Nightfort, and Castle Black will unlock for short windows of time during each Hour of the Wolf round event.

Fight to claim and hold a seat for as long as possible during each round. While you hold one of these Seats of Power, you and any Bannermen to whom you assign titles will receive Event Shipments containing points every 15 minutes. These shipments must be claimed from your Great Hall within your city in order to receive points.

Maintain control of your Seat of Power for as long as possible and collect your Shipments as soon as they become available to earn maximum points!

Earn points from: 

  • Claiming event shipments from your Great Hall

A New Day

If you’ve seen Night’s Watch Mutiny before, there are some key differences in this run. The most obvious being that it’s running during a weekday.

We’ve listened to the feedback regarding this event’s obvious, and sometimes conflicting, interactions with non-event SoP combat occurring at the same time. We’d like to see if running this during the week helps to alleviate the feeling of not being able to compete because you’re defending or fighting for other SoPs on the weekends. We look forward to hearing what players think of this scheduling change!

What else has changed?

Removing ‘Battle in the Gift’ Points at Keeps

Design note: We don’t want to encourage folks to target keeps during the week- save that for PvP weekends. Players should feel safer at their Keeps during the event (ST and Wall SOP combat are still fair game for PvP!)

  • PvP Points are now exclusive to Seat of Power (SoP), Wall SoPs, and Strategic Terrain (ST) engagements

Strategic Terrain Changes

Design note:  Overall fighting at Strategic Terrain (ST) should be more rewarding and feel like you’re contributing more to the cause for your allegiance.

  • Clearing a ST node now rewards 1 Basic ‘Strategic Maneuver Gift (Allegiance)’ (SM), regardless of Keep Level, with a chance to drop up to 3!
  • Increased Strategic Advantage in SM Gifts from 100 to 5,000, and it now goes to all Allegiance players, including the sender
  • Clearing STs now rewards Gold, equal to the value of Profit from Chaos and Children of the Forest event STs, giving solo players something to gain, regardless of overall allegiance engagement

Recipe Loop Changes – Reducing Recipes from 25 to 13

Design note: The goal was to simplify the sources of buffs received from recipes, so the Strategic Terrain pillar is easier to understand and see the value of.  Convert Battlefield Salvage into an SM Gift that rewards the entire allegiance; that way players who are not competing at the wall can still meaningfully aid their allegiance.

We also wanted to enable players to activate buffs on their terms, helping with coordination with the new continuous round structure. Hopefully, this will also ease any feeling of pressure to compete in more rounds than they want (Because there are a lot of them) 

  • Recipes now output Instant Boosts
  • We’re ‘collapsing’ the specific SoP buffs to more general, ‘All Wall SoP’ buffs
  • Strategic Advantage recipes now output greater magnitudes per boost, but with shorter duration [Was 8 hours, now 30 mins – magnitudes vary, but are all equivalent or better than the buffs from past Gift sources]
  • Since time between HotW rounds has been decreased and more rounds added, we want to enable more recipe executions during the event, so players can time and utilize boosts precisely when needed.
  • Now includes a recipe for Advance Teleports [Based on LG values and conversion rates of SA; players are receiving ~33% discount from the general Gold purchase]

Miscellaneous/Unchanged Aspects:

  • Regional/Title/Owner and non-Owner bonuses for Wall SoPs still apply to encourage the ‘pyramid’ of stacking bonuses to take Castle Black
  • Shipments will function the same for ‘War for the Wall’ and the king of the hill style gameplay
  • Activity Buffs still in play during Night’s Watch Mutiny (Umbrella) (+25% March Speed to Join Rally, +25% March Speed vs. Seats of Power)
  • Rewards not mentioned already have not significantly changes (including Allegiance Leader reward gifts and Leaderboard Pawn shards.)
  • Regional/Title/Owner and non-Owner bonuses for Wall SoPs still apply to encourage the ‘pyramid’ of stacking bonuses to take Castle Black
  • Shipments will function the same for ‘War for the Wall’ and the king of the hill style gameplay
  • Activity Buffs still in play during Night’s Watch Mutiny (Umbrella) (+25% March Speed to Join Rally, +25% March Speed vs. Seats of Power)
  • Rewards not mentioned already have not significantly changed (including Allegiance Leader reward gifts and Leaderboard Pawn shards.)


Let us know what you think!

As always, we want to hear your thoughts on these changes! Join us on Discord in the #events channel to share feedback for the developers. 

Select Kingdoms can expect to see this weekday version of the event pop up starting March 30th, 2022.

We wish you good fortune in the battles to come!