(April Fools!) Battlegrounds April Update: The Great Goose Chase

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Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we officially launched Battlegrounds back in October and introduced you to the first battleground, The Great Ranging. You’ve risen to the challenge and your accomplishments thus far have been astounding. Whether it’s defeating a Level 40 creature or obtaining Level 50 on Rattleshirt, you should be proud! But, what is next for Battlegrounds?

On April 1st, we’re excited to announce our next milestone, The Great Goose Chase!

As you may recall from our earlier updates, each Battleground we have planned will feature distinct locations, gameplay, and rewards. Let’s go over what you’ll see in The Great Goose Chase as these details are bound to give you goosebumps.

The Great Goose Chase

The Great Goose Chase is a PvE focused on-demand experience, similar to The Great Ranging, but don’t be fooled and second-goose yourself. The enemies are smarter, tougher, and honkier, with the Goose King himself leading the charge. Your team’s goal is to hunt down as many members of this frosty, feathered monarchy as possible within the 15-minute time limit!

Unstoppable Creatures

Along with a new Battleground, we are introducing the Unstoppable Creature type with the Goose King.

In addition to regaining health over time and requiring 5 successful hits in a row to defeat, Unstoppable Creatures need to be defeated twice. Good luck plucking those feathers…

Surely, they must have a weakness? No, the Goose King has no weakness. Defeating them will require im-peck-able teamwork and coordination.

Risk & Reward…But Mostly Risk

Of course, your efforts won’t go unrewarded! As these fowl creatures are substantially more difficult to take down, each victory will yield you high quantities of unboxed food that will go directly into your balance! Use it to feed your hungry troops, but be careful not to lure a gaggle of hungry geese with your trail of breadcrumbs..

First Gander!

Want a sneak peak? We will be giving the community an exclusive preview of Battlegrounds: The Great Goose Chase during our next Discord Stage live show! Migrate over to our official Discord server on April 1st at 4 PM EST as we dive into more details of the next Battleground and show off the Goose King in all its glory!

And while you’re there, make sure to head over to the the #welcome-room channel to acquire an exclusive Gosling role – available on Discord for a limited time only!

April 1st @ 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST / 21:00 UTC / 22:00 CEST