Release Notes 2022_04

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Update 2022_04 is rolling out! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • We will be adding a new Hero Collection Action, ‘March Speed vs Creature.’  Based on player feedback, each charge for this action can be activated with unlimited uses! 
  • Keep on the lookout for a new addition to the Preset Manager that will allow players to reorder and select a name for presets!
  • The development team has been looking into optimizing file size and loading times. We have some improvements included in this update, but will continue to measure and optimize as time goes on.

Bug Fixes

  • The rally button counter would block a portion of the rally button’s hit area on the combat map.
  • The footer menu of the Tower of the Hand would cut off when the Hero detail panel of the Small Council was opened.
  • The Rank Details panel for the following Hero Actions, did not include the additional 3 charges that could be unlocked at higher ranks: Steel Scraps, Dust off the Books and Hasty Recruitment. 
  • When unequipping a gear item while in the House Information page, an unrelated piece of gear could sometimes be seen in the pop up notification.
  • Occasionally when a Battleground instance was full, the “join” button could still be pressed.
  • While using the Screen Reader, it was possible to get into a state where navigating through the messages and reports in the Message Center would not work.
  • While using the Screen Reader, it was possible to get into a state where navigating to the Notification Toggles from the Settings menu would not work. 
  • On occasion, tapping the “+” and the “-” button in the Screen Reader Settings panel would not add or reduce the speech rate of the Screen Reader.
  • After joining an allegiance, messages sent in the allegiance/liege chat occasionally would not be visible to the sender.
  • Activating the Screen Reader during certain tutorials could cause the game to become unresponsive.
  • Occasionally, a crafting item would be shown as ready in the ‘City Progress’ tab of the side panel, but in the smithy there would still be time left until the item was completed. 
  • When reinforcing an allegiance member’s Keep, push notifications concerning the Keep getting scouted incorrectly display the scouter’s name as the allegiance member.
  • After viewing a Seat of Power in the ‘Seats of Power’ menu, pressing the back button would bring the player back to the top of the menu with the Region panel collapsed instead of where the player left off.