Piercing Damage

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Combat is an ever-evolving art form. Talented masters at arms have long studied the blade and trained troops on how to cut the enemy where it hurts the most.

A new technique for inflicting damage has been noted in Westeros, but it remains to be seen if it can be mastered…

Strike True and Cut Deep

Piercing Damage is a unique type of damage that bypasses a small amount of troop defense stats, much like dragon fire. However, Piercing damage can only be wielded by Ranged, Infantry, or Cavalry troops of tier 5 or higher. 

Think of Piercing Damage as a new tool in your combat toolbox. It is not a silver bullet, but players who focus on acquiring these stats, and utilize a good combat strategy, can leverage Piercing Damage to engage in higher-level combat situations.

First Looks – Updated 8/12/22

This is an interesting new tool, but can be misused if wielded improperly. After 2 previews, we’ve learned a lot from players who have interacted with it. Some lessons have been harder to learn than others, but that is why we like to let players get their hands on things like this before we go in the wrong direction.

After much discussion we have decided we need to run one final preview.

  • This final preview will include much smaller values of piercing damage than previous. We want to hear from folks who interact with values that are closer to what we would actually launch this feature with.
  • However, these values are still not as low as we ultimately plan to go with at launch! Accordingly, we will be providing Dead to Wounded and Wounded Capacity buffs to offset the presence of not-final values.

This preview will run on the August 20th weekend The Climb event on kingdoms 1173 and 1128.

Participating players can look for its impact in the damage you do in battle reports, it’ll appear as a green number in the Piercing Damage field, within the ‘Troop Details’ panel. This stat only applies to any player vs. player troop combat.

Let us hear it

Your feedback is an important part of the future of development for this stat! 

In the days following the preview period, we will send out an in-game message with a survey link to all members of participating players to get their thoughts.

You can also join in on the conversations that happen in our official Community Discord server! 

Let us know what you think, good or bad! In the past we’ve used far higher numbers to help gauge impact and confirm we’re setting the right limits. This will be the first preview with far more reasonable numbers, so we’re very interested to see what folks think in this context!

Thank you for playing and good luck in the battles to come!