Breach at the Wall Strategy Guide

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Cold wind pierces the air and seizes your lungs; a mist forms from your breath and dread takes hold of you. White Walkers have breached the Wall.


Breach at the Wall is a PvE event that utilizes Resilient type creatures. These foes are a unique challenge- requiring you to acquire a specific March Item in order to attack them. 

How it Works

The Night’s Watch sends rangers into the Haunted Forest in search of a group of lost brothers, but none return… in their place march dreaded Wights.

The Breach at the Wall event is broken down into two parts.

Breach the Wall Part 1

Defeat Wights to earn points.

These reanimated foes are typical PvE fare, but during this event they will drop an additional, and crucial, resource when defeated- Dragon glass. 

As you earn points, you can also collect Dragon Glass from the progressive event rewards.


Breach the Wall Part 2

Defeat White Walkers to earn points.

White Walkers pose a significant challenge as they are both Elite and Resilient creature types.

  • Elite (requires multiple successful hits to fully defeat)
  • Resilient (requires an additional March Item in order to attack – in this case either Coarse or Refined Dragon glass. )

These creatures only spawn as levels (LV) 1, 10, 20, and 30.


The core strategy of this event is to hunt Wights and gather up enough Dragon Glass to tackle the rarer (and much tougher!) White Walkers

To put it another way, think of the Wights as ‘adds’ or enemy reinforcements, while White Walkers are the big bosses. You will defeat many Wights and fewer White Walkers. The event points and reward design reflect this.


All Wights drop Coarse Dragonglass, but only Wights LV 20 and up have the chance to drop Refined Dragonglass, which is required for hitting LV 20 and 30 White Walkers. Hitting higher has its benefits!

As you hunt, note that attacking a LV 10 White Walker costs more Coarse Dragonglass than a LV 1. If given a choice between the two, it is more economical to save up and attack the higher-cost White Walker; you’ll get more treasure per Dragonglass spent this way.

Both Wights and White Walkers are Undead enemies, meaning you can benefit from “Vs Undead” stats in combat. These stats are commonly found on things like Gear or Heroes and can make the difference when trying to take down higher-level undead enemies.

It takes 5 successful hits to fully defeat a White Walker. If you can claim the final victory, you will see bonus rewards (including Oaths!)

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