Boost-Unlocked Resource Plots: A Guide

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Are you running low on Dragon Lore? Can’t get enough Steel?

If the answer is yes, then fear not! Boost-Unlocked Resource Plots are here to save the day!

Only unlockable during specific events (and with certain boosts), Boost-Unlocked Resource Plots are a valuable asset to any Kingdom. Read on to learn how to make the most of these special sites.

What are they?

A new extension of the farm plot system, Boost-Unlocked Resource Plots aim to be a consistent way to access rarer resources, like Steel and Dragon Lore.

How do they work?

The ability to construct or upgrade a special Resource Plot like the Steel Foundry or Dragon Lore Excavation site is unlocked through special instant boosts. Instant boosts act as a key to unlock these valuable plots.

Once you’ve claimed a reward that contains a special instant boost, they’ll become available within your Boost Center.

Tip! The Boost Center is found by tapping the icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen when viewing your city.

Once the instant boost is active, you’ll be able to construct and/or upgrade special Resource Plots.

To construct your new building, tap any empty farm plot to the south of your city. Scroll to the right until you find the building you’d like to construct, then tap ‘Build’.

Note! All boosts have a limited duration. Currently, the Steel Foundry Boost lasts 2 days once unlocked. You’ll have to strategically plan out any additional construction or upgrading you’re hoping to accomplish within that time period.

Once built, the Unlocked Resource Plot will generate its specific resource over time– similar to how Sawmills generate Wood, and Quarries generate Stone. When there are resources to collect, you can tap the bubble above the building to add them directly to your inventory.

The unlocked resource plot will continue to generate its specific resources for you, even when the boost is not active.

Remember! You can only construct or upgrade your Resource Plot when you have the plot’s specific resource boost active. Once the boost expires, you cannot construct or upgrade its specific building until you acquire another unlocker boost.

Current Types of Plots

Steel Foundry

  • The Steel Foundry generates Steel for your Smithy to use.
  • Instant boosts specific to the Steel Foundry are typically found as a progressive event reward.

Dragon Lore Excavation

  • The Dragon Lore Excavation Plot generates Dragon Lore for you to collect and use towards increasing your Dragon’s level.
  • These boosts are awarded from Daily Quest completion rewards during special event periods.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Collect your resources often! They won’t continue to generate once they hit their maximum capacity. You can view this capacity by tapping the building and navigating to its ‘Stats’ tab. Upgrading the building will increase this capacity.
  • You can have a maximum of ONE of each type of special resources building at a time. This means if you already have a Steel Foundry within your city, you will not be able to build a second, even if you have the Steel Foundry Unlocker boost active.
  • These Boost-Unlocked Resource Plots require an empty plot in your city to build on, so you may need to demolish an existing plot. You can do so by tapping on the plot you want to destroy, tapping on the “i” icon and selecting “Demolish Building.” Note that you cannot undo this action, and you do not receive any spent building resources back. Make sure you truly want to destroy a building before hitting the Demolish button!
  • You can view your current resource income of your city from the bulletin board near your farm plots. This can help you calculate how often you would want to collect your resources from the buildings based on their capacity.

More to come!

These won’t be the only special resource plots you see! In the future, we hope to expand to plot types beyond Steel and Dragon Lore. Be sure to keep an eye out for what’s to come.

Have ideas for other types of resources you’d like to see buildings created for? Let us know over on our official community discord! We look forward to seeing you there.