Your Kingdom, Better Than Ever: City Refresh

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After months of tireless work, your kingdom now shines on the lands of Westeros as a true symbol of greatness. The City Refresh initiative has arrived in Game of Thrones: Conquest, bringing the classic 2D kingdom to a lovingly rendered 3D location ready for exploration!

Quick Refresh on City Refresh

If this is the first you’re hearing of City Refresh, allow us to explain. Between designing new enemies, heroes, and event visuals each month, the GOT:C art team has independently dedicated any spare cycles over the past year to developing a free, quality of life overhaul for the benefit of our players! From the Keep to the Smithy, and even the pigs, no stone was left unturned. 

As a free visual overhaul designed to enhance player’s experiences in Westeros, City Refresh brings a host of exciting updates, such as:

  • Compelling and dynamic new visuals, including diverse, unique NPCs, and a consistent perspective and architecture throughout the city.
  • Optimized loading improvements thanks to modular buildings and textures.
  • Room for feature expansion, like dynamic lighting, landscape modifications, and more.

But that’s just a brief overview! For the full scoop on City Refresh, as well as a recorded Stage interview with Art Team reps Chaos and Retro, check out our original article here!

FAQ & Known Issues

City Refresh is a massive overhaul for your kingdom. As preliminary testing rolls out, we anticipate you may encounter some unforeseen asset interactions. In order to ensure a smooth transition into our brand new city, we will update this section with answers to any frequently asked questions, as well as known issues that will be resolved in future updates.

  • When viewed from the city, The Red Temple does not show a collection bubble when it’s ready for collection. Players must check the side tray for Red Temple reward notifications. Once the side tray reflects ready rewards, players can still tap on the building, regardless of the presence of a collection bubble, to collect Red Temple rewards.
  • We’ve received a lot of player feedback about the level of zoom set on the city. It is quite a bit more zoomed in than our traditional city layout. We’re happy to report that your asks to scale it back have been heard!
    • We expect to adjust the zoom level with an update in 1-2 weeks. Many thanks to everyone who voiced their thoughts on this!
  • Some plots have been placed in a different location from their original placement in the Old City. We will be adjusting the plots to be accurate to your original intention in the next couple of updates.
  • The Dragon may occasionally appear enlarged in the City Scene.
  • The banners within the City do not match the player banner designs, instead appearing either white or red. This is something the team is aware of and are looking to fix in coming updates. Thank you for your patience!

We want to hear from you! 

Have a favorite part of the new city? Looking forward to potential future expansions? Take it to our Discord and join the discussion! We look forward to seeing you there.