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“Do you know what the realm is? It’s the thousand blades of Aegon’s enemies, a story we agree to tell each other over and over, until we forget that it’s a lie”

-Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish

There is a certain lifecycle to the realm and its kingdoms- an ebb and flow of growth and ruin, battle and peace. That initial flurry of activity as you size up new opponents and explore foreign regions may one day fade to a comfortable, if somewhat predictable peace. 

But peace seldom lasts when you play the game of thrones. The cycle begins anew as kingdoms collide and new powers emerge. 

How will you and your allies seize the opportunities born of the chaos?

Stake Your Claim.

Stake Your Claim (SYC) is the next step in a kingdom’s lifecycle. You have warred for the throne, you’ve merged with other kingdoms. Now it’s time we put your fate in your hands.

In this 4 day event, you’ll explore your potential competition, earn points for claiming Seats of Power, and ultimately decide which new kingdom your allegiance will call home.

Read on to learn more!

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Prepare Accordingly

How do I know when my kingdom is scheduled for a SYC event?

SYC event pairings are first announced on our Blog and the official Game of Thrones : Conquest Discord!

However, if you aren’t on our socials don’t fret! The SYC event will appear in the ‘Upcoming Events’ panel in-game a week before it begins for kingdoms selected. This panel will list the Start and End times of the event, the home kingdoms preparing to be purged, as well as the new kingdoms you will be able to teleport to once the event begins.

When do kingdoms become eligible for SYC events? 

The deciding factors in when a kingdom becomes eligible for SYC are kingdom population size and age. If your kingdom has undergone several (3+) Kingdom Merges, you are more likely to qualify.


The Event Begins…

Once a Stake Your Claim event is initiated, 2 or more new kingdoms will be created. This number depends on your population size and the number of purged kingdoms involved.

Then begins the exciting event– Players will be released to choose which of the new kingdoms they wish to migrate to. 

In addition, players can expect the following changes:

  • Friend codes will be disabled for all involved kingdoms during the event period, so only participating kingdoms can migrate.
  • Keep PvP will be disabled on all kingdoms participating in SYC during the event period.
  • Battlegrounds will be disabled during the entirety of Stake Your Claim on all soon-to-be-purged and new kingdoms.
  • Players holding a SoP on their soon-to-be-purged kingdom will abdicate any seat they’re holding once the event begins.
    • Stake Your Claim will override purged kingdoms’ SOP schedules.
    • PvP will be disabled on all purged kingdoms.
    • All Seats of Power will lock on your purged kingdom, and SoPs on your new kingdom will open at various times based on their star level [see below for schedule.]

Cross Kingdom Teleporting 

You can teleport to any of the new kingdom(s) at any time during the event. However, you cannot choose to teleport back to the original purged kingdom you were on before SYC began.

  • There is a 30 minute cooldown each time you use a SYC kingdom teleport.
  • If you choose to teleport to a kingdom that your Allegiance T1 is not on, you will see a warning that you will follow your T1 to a different kingdom at the end of SYC unless you break your allegiance pledge before then.
  • Players who are zero’d while on a new kingdom will be sent back to their purged kingdom and will need to teleport back to a new kingdom.

A cross-kingdom chat will be opened so all kingdoms participating in your SYC event can communicate. The chats available to you will be:

  • Purged: a chat between all members of your original soon-to-be-purged kingdom, regardless of your current kingdom location.
  • Event: a chat between members of all kingdoms participating in your SYC event, including purged kingdoms different from your own.  
  • Allegiance: A chat between only your Allegiance mates.

Note: It is possible to have other events running alongside Stake Your Claim. For example, if a PvE event is running, you can still earn points for killing creatures while jumping around to new kingdoms.

Earning Points

Players can receive points in the Stake Your Claim event by holding Seats of Power during the event period. 

  • Points are accrued by your entire allegiance combined. This means that if your bannerman is holding a SoP, you also get points for that.
  • You can receive Bonus Points of up to 40% by fighting on a new kingdom that your Allegiance Leader is present on!
    • Example: You can earn 20 points per min. for holding a 2 Star SOP on a new map, however if your T1 is present on the same kingdom, that number goes up to 28 points!
  • Within the event panel, you can also find a breakdown of how many points you can earn while holding each seat.

Seat of Power Unlock Schedule

Stake Your Claim has a unique SoP Opening Schedule. Use the graph below to help you figure out what SoPs will be opened on what days!

Heading to the Seats of Power panel will give you a glimpse into what seats are upheld, held or locked on your current kingdom.

When the event ends….

Keep an eye on the timer within the event panel which counts down to the end of the Stake Your Claim event. Once this timer hits zero, no more teleporting can occur.

  • Players will be assigned their ‘permanent’ kingdom based on their Allegiance Leader’s (T1) location.
    • If a player does not have a liege, or are the leader of their own allegiance, the event will prioritize the SYC kingdom the player is on at the end of the event.
  • If a player does not have a liege, and never teleported off their home kingdom, they will be assigned to one of the new kingdoms (and anyone below them in their allegiance will follow).
    • Events not related to Stake Your Claim on a purged kingdom will end.
  • Kingdoms have population capacities and occasionally some players or allegiances will be moved to a different kingdom than intended.
    • If a kingdom is determined to have reached over the maximum population capacity, singular players without lieges, then smaller allegiances will be moved to the most stable kingdom first. This will continue until both kingdoms’ population capacities are considered stable.

We will preserve allegiance ties during this process, so if you’d prefer to completely break out of your allegiance and try something new, make sure you leave your old allegiance before the end of the SYC event countdown.

Once the event ends, allegiances and their members will win rewards based on the total number of points earned. All SOPs will lock, The Seat of Power unlock schedule will return to normal, and Keep PvP will be re-enabled. 

Note: A message will be sent to all new kingdoms when the Shuffle is complete. Restart the game to avoid odd combat map behavior.

Go forth and conquer!

To stay up to date on the latest SYC news, check out the #kingdom-lifecycle announcement channel on our official community discord. You can also jump into the conversation yourself in the #merge-and-stake discussion channel.

Now that you are armed with knowledge, it’s time to go forth and stake your claim on these new kingdoms. We wish you good fortune in the battles to come!