The Beasts of Old Valyria – ‘Conquerors of the Skies’ Event Preview

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There is but one force that can reduce castles to rubble, armies to ash, and kingdoms to history: dragons. Proud and intelligent creatures with strength unparalleled, that they should be turned to war is only a natural use of their innate talents.

Our Dragon celebration continues with the ‘Conquerors of the Skies’ event arc, beginning on October 3rd! You’ll have further opportunities to upgrade your Dragon Lore Excavation Plot, earn hero relics for the new Dragon Hero, Rhaegal, and gather Pawn Shards for the new Dragon’s Dominion March Pawn.

Additionally, the 5th Anniversary of Game of Thrones: Conquest is quickly approaching on October 19th, so we’d like to give you a glimpse into the new content and fun activities planned for October. Let’s dive right in!

5 Years of Game of Thrones: Conquest!

Game of Thrones: Conquest was officially released 5 years ago on October 19th, 2017, so we’re celebrating this month with a few fun activities, some even baked into the next event arc, The Book of Conquest! Be sure to pay close attention to each of its event descriptions as it recaps historical moments throughout the game’s lifecycle, including the first allegiance to takeover King’s Landing, an accounting mistake made by the Iron Bank, the start of the War of the Eight Kingdoms, and more!

Community Choice PvE Event

We recently created a poll to determine which enemies the community wanted to fight again from the past. The results are in and you all have decided on the Dragonriders, Sons of the Harpy, and Grumkins and Snarks! On October 4th, you’ll have the chance to square off against them again in a special Community Choice PvE Event.

Player Interview Series

In conjunction with the culmination of our 5-Year Anniversary, we’ll be debuting an exciting new Player Interview series in October! While you may have heard about our ambassador program, the Player Council and Court, you may not have had the opportunity to get to know its members. This Player Interview series aims to spotlight our Council Members for their dedicated and thoughtful feedback, as well as provide insight into who is representing the interests of our Community. Some of these members have also been around since the release of the game, so be on the look out for their own recap of historical and epic Game of Thrones: Conquest moments!

New Hero – Wun Wun Joins Battlegrounds: Titans of the North!

As teased during our previous Discord Stage, Wun Wun will be joining Game of Thrones: Conquest as an exclusive hero reward for Battlegrounds: Titans of the North! The Giant of the Free Folk will be available in the next coming weeks, but we’ll provide a more precise date as we get closer. For now, let’s describe his skills and focuses.

Wun Wun assumes the role of Master of War on the Small Council and can switch focuses depending on whether he’s leading your marches or advising from the council. As a march-leader, he’ll boost your Ranged Health, Defense, and Attack against Seats of Power. However, if you decide to seat him at the Council, you’ll be boosting your Cavalry Health against other Players and Cavalry Defense and Attack against other Player’s Infantry — a great choice for when you’re fighting against your direct counter!

New Valyrian Champion Gear Set

Part of the Book of Conquest event arc in October, we’ll be introducing the brand new Valyrian Champion gear set! Your first opportunity to craft it will be on October 4th when “The Grand Armory” event goes live.

From head-to-toe, each piece goes all-out in bolstering your Infantry troops for PvE and PvP activities! Expect to see stats for general Infantry Health, Defense, and Attack as well as boosts that apply towards other players and combat at Seats of Power. Infantry mains shouldn’t miss out on this set!

Let us know your thoughts on the Valyrian Champion gear set and how you’ll be implementing it into your loadouts. As always, you can discuss your builds and provide feedback in the #smithy channel of our Discord!

Dragon Rewards Available Through October

As a reminder, the Dragon Lore Excavation Plot, Rhaegal Hero Relics, and Dragon’s Dominion Pawn Shards will only be available to earn until the end of October. Here’s a quick run-down so you don’t miss your chance to grab these rewards:

Unlock a 24-Hour Dragon Lore Excavation Unlock Boost by completing your Daily Quests! Use it to construct or upgrade your existing Dragon Lore Excavation resource plot.

On October 3rd during the ‘Even the Mighty Fall’ event, you’ll have a chance to earn additional Hero Relics for Rhaegal! As always, these hero relics can also be earned by praying at the Shrine and completing Daily Quests during the entirety of the “Beasts of Old Valyria” events.

Need to earn more Pawn Shards for the Dragon’s Dominion March Pawn? You’ll want to participate in the ‘No Fortress is Safe’ event on October 10th. Pawn shards can also be earned by praying at the Shrine and completing Daily Quests.

Note: For those itching for more opportunities to collect Rhaegal relics, worry not! Beasts of Old Valyria special rewards will continue to be available till October 31st, 10:00 am, EDT! Afterward, you can to expect to see Rhaegal pop up again, likely in your Hero Summons!

Crafting Flashbacks

Although Season 7 did not end too long ago, you’ll be able to collect crafting materials for Season 7 gear sets on October 19th. Select Trinket Collections will also be returning on October 26th. Craft towards your preferred stats or simply fill-up your Armory!

Three-Eyed Raven: Insight (Season 7 Gear) – October 19th

Season 7

  • Ironborn Captain (Infantry)
  • Laughing Knight (Rally Combat)
  • Citadel Inquisitor (Cavalry)
  • Fledgling Squire (Utility)
  • Winter Survivor (Dragon)
  • Storm Lord (Ranged)
  • Iron Keyholder (Specialized Stats Per Slot)

Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition (Trinket Collections) – October 26th

House Manderly

  • Ranger’s Quiver
  • Sand Steed’s Saddle
  • The Seven-Pointed Star

Valyrian Dragon

  • Dragon Claw Torque
  • Dragonlord’s Horn
  • Young Dragon’s Leash

House Baratheon

  • Book of Brothers
  • Merchant’s Medallion
  • Silk Stole

Artifacts of R’hllor

  • Gleaming Ruby Necklace
  • Arbor Red
  • Driftwood Crown

House Whent Heirlooms

  • Lover’s Favor
  • Smoldering Censer
  • Golden Hand

October Event Schedule

October will be filled with special events including The Book of Conquest event arc which alludes to Game of Thrones: Conquest’s 5-year history. Throughout the month, see if you can catch all of the references!

The Book of Conquest Event Arc

  • The Grand Armory (Craft Arc Gear Set) – October 4th
  • Conquerors of King’s Landing (PvE) – October 4th
  • The Secret Dragonkeeper (Arc Recipe) – October 6th
  • Council of Conquerors (Craft Arc Trinket) – October 12th
  • Eight Kingdoms at War (PvE – Trinket Materials) – October 12th
  • Unspoken Horrors (PvE Rally) – October 17th
  • Conquerors on the Battlegrounds (Arc Recipe) – October 25th

Power-Up Events

  • Even the Mighty Fall (Hero Training) – October 3rd
  • The Rich Man’s Shadow (Building) – October 6th
  • No Fortress Is Safe (Dragon Training) – October 10th
  • The Stranger’s Eyes (Shrine Gifting) – October 11th
  • The Priest’s Shadow (Research) – October 13th
  • Daenerys’s Demise (Hero Training) – October 17th
  • A Maester’s Journey (Expeditions) – October 20th
  • Varys’s Riddle (Total Power) – October 21st
  • Burning of King’s Landing (Dragon Training) – October 24th
  • The Rich Man’s Shadow (Building) – October 27th
  • Heroes of the Great Game (Hero Training) – October 31st


  • Night’s Watch Mutiny – October 5th
  • Lord of Light – October 14th
  • The Climb – October 22nd
  • KvK War For The Throne – October 28th


  • Breach At The Wall – October 7th
  • The Great Hunt – October 25th

Crafting Flashbacks

  • Three-Eyed Raven: Insight (Season 7 Gear) – October 19th
  • Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition (Trinket Crafting) – October 26th

Special Events

  • Festival of the Stranger – October 27th

House of the Dragon – Discord Show Discussion

Want to discuss House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones lore with your fellow players? Be sure to tune in every Sunday on HBO Max to catch new episodes of House of the Dragon. Afterwards, we’ll be chatting about our favorite moments in the #lore channel in Discord. See what other community members have to say about the latest episode, airing next on October 2nd!

Dragon Showcase

We’ve introduced Κ Θ Λ Ł Λ’s dragon, Staunch, during our last Discord Stage, however we’re looking for more awesome dragons to rise to the occasion!

To submit your Dragon for consideration in a future showcase, tweet at @GOTConquest with a screenshot of your Dragon along with your username, Dragon’s name, Kingdom Number, and other fun details that you would like to provide.

We Value Your Feedback

We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview to the upcoming Dragon-related fun and October activities! If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!