Battlegrounds: ToTN Rewards Changes

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Iterations continue on Titans of the North!

In our first round of iterations to Titans of the North (ToTN), we concentrated on adjustments that reduced player barriers for participation, such as lowering allegiance cool downs, and bringing down player caps from 30 to 10, to name a few. Our newest round of changes to ToTN shifts attention to player rewards, as well as a slight increase in challenge level, for an ultimately more rewarding battlegrounds session.


Introducing new Hero, Wun Wun.

  • Battleground rewards have been reworked to include a new Battleground exclusive Hero, Wun Wun
  • Wun Wun, Giant of the North is a Mythic, Master of War Hero, with a cavalry and ranged focus that is sure to bring value to your team. 
  • This new Hero replaces Mance Rayder and Rattleshirt that were previously in ToTN rewards. Those 2 heroes will return to being The Great Ranging Battleground exclusives.

Dev Notes: We’ve heard a lot of concerns about the value of ToTN rewards in relation to The Great Ranging. To up the ante, we’ve crafted a unique Hero, Wun Wun, with the hopes that this new reward will be the best way to move forward.

Increasing difficulty for a worthy challenge.

  • The amount of points in the progressive has been increased from 126k -> 285k.

Dev Notes:  We found that players achieved the 50th rung in the progressive ladder much too quickly, to the point that players themselves were calling for increased difficulty. Part of this massive undershot was our misunderstanding of how points were calculated on the back-end. 


Update 11/28

Beginning next week, Battlegrounds group progressive rewards will better reflect the effort that participants put in. The system has been revised to award the top contributing players in a Battlegrounds rally: 10 for Titans of the North. Players who join Battlegrounds but do not place within these top players will still receive a consolation prize.


When will these changes be made?

Players can expect these changes and the new Wun Wun Hero to release on Monday, 10/24/22.

Are these the only planned updates to ToTN?

Not at all! ToTN is an event open to further discussion and player feedback. By and far, the team is interested in hearing your thoughts on how we can continue to adjust this experience until it’s the best possible feature for our players.

If you have additional feedback please let us know over in the #Battlegrounds channel on discord so our devs can see it!

Let us know what you think!

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