Release Notes 2022_11

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Update 2022_11 is rolling out!

Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest!

New and Upcoming 

  • We recently added a quality of life improvement to the Rally menu, allowing players to view the Creature level and its coordinates directly from the Rally list. Check it out and let us know what you think!
  • Are your Equipment inventories overflowing with Gear and Trinkets? Never fear! Crafting Deconstruction is here! Clear out unwanted items from your Smithy inventory and use the awarded Equipment Fragments for event recipes!
  • Stone and Iron Caravan spawn rates have been increased! You’ll now be able to find them as often as Food and Wood Caravans.
  • Placement of rural farm plots have been adjusted on the new City scene to better represent their originally placed location, previous to the City Refresh overhaul.

Bug Fixes       

  • During the Great Hunt event, players should no longer see an incorrect “Complete” notifier on top of event progress bar if the event has not been completed.
  • Players should now see the Preset Builds panel appear after saving at least two different types of Presets.
  • When constructing a Rural Plot, players should now see icons for each Rural Plot type building.
  • While teleporting, players should now be able to see their previewed keep location on the Combat Map.
  • Fixed several issues with Rally Timers Selection on the Troop Screen, including a lack of descriptive text to the length of Rallies, an inability to change the Rally length through tapping, and the appearance of all Rally lengths being selected.
  • When losing power as a result of PvP combat, a red text notification should appear at the top of the screen, as intended
  • When switching to Allegiance Members panel, player banners should now appear with their intended customization.
  • Fixed cut-off text issues occurring in the Stake Your Claim Event Chat for French, Deustch, Turkish, Spanish, and Chinese languages.
  • When utilizing the Liege Finder, Player Banners no longer appear with the wrong color, corrupted, or disappeared when players tap on Refresh List.
  • Resolved a bug where sometimes, when loading the app, players would see the game open to the House Info or Chat Screen, rather than the City Scene.
  • When tapping a stat to open its description, players should now only see the selected stat open, as intended.
  • Resolved an issue where the teleport icon would be replaced by a blank white square.
  • Adjusted text for readability within the Special Offer pop-up for those playing with the French game language.
  • Players should now be able to see and use the Read More button within the Stake Your Claim event info panel before the event starts.
  • Resolved an issue where on occasion, relocating a keep multiple times within a play session result in  an inability to scout or attack other keeps.