Release Notes 2023_02

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Update 2023_02 will be rolling out over the next couple weeks! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • Coming soon, a quality of life update will allow Rally panels to stay open after you join a Rally, giving players the option to join additional rallies!
  • To curb chat abuse, players will soon need to meet a minimum Keep level in order to send DMs or utilize Kingdom Chat.
  • Another quality of life update will soon produce a popup to prevent players from mistakenly dismissing their highest level of trainable troops and those above.
  • When opening one of the training trees in Dragon Talents, or Maester’s Tower, players will soon be taken to the first available untrained talent instead of being required to scroll there from the beginning of the tree.
  • In the near future, when engaged in a Kingdom vs Kingdom with Kingdom Peace and Strategic Terrain, the Node Finder will no longer show nodes which are currently occupied by someone from a player’s own kingdom.
  • When one hour or less remains on a player’s peace shield upon logging in, the Peace Shield reminder banner will soon read “Your peace shield is expiring soon,” in red text, alongside the Peace Shield’s remaining time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t see Rallies in the Rally panel despite receiving Rally notification bubbles. (I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!)
  • If a player has no blocked players, the “Blocked Players” tab will now say “You have no blocked players.”
  • The Active Rallies panel now updates for new Allegiance members when attempting to join a Rally.
  • Changing languages, or kingdom, then launching the game, no longer creates an empty pop-up with no buttons.
  • Fixed a bug where using the Rally panel’s “All” filter would incorrectly continue to display the previously filtered term’s results.
  • Cleaned up some text gaps and icon overlaps on the Troop Training panel.
  • Resolved an issue where players could encounter an error prompt when attempting to switch accounts using the Game Center.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to toggle ON/OFF buttons for Pawn, Monster Attack Animations, March Buttons, Anonymous Gifting, and Auto Accept Bannermen within the Settings panel.
  • The Peace Shield reminder banner no longer triggers before the 1 hour expiration mark on the Offers screen.
  • Cleaned up a text inconsistency within the Liege Finder tutorial that would cause the word “Allegiance” to overlap with itself twice.
  • Performed text clean up for French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, and Japanese localizations.
  • Players should no longer be able to access the Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK) chat when KvK is not occurring, as intended.
  • Corrected a graphics inconsistency that caused Bolton, Fealty, and KvK pawn sprite being doubled on the Army Preset screen.
  • Addressed an issue where adjusting or manually typing the quantity of troops in the Preset Manager to any number with “74” would create text overlap.
  • Fixed another issue within Preset Manager where using the number pad for quantity input on the March Preset Screen would show the previous number overlapping with the current input.
  • Corrected a bug in the Maester’s Tower where trying to add Gold from the “+” prompt could prevent a player from purchasing research with Gold.
  • Clicking the “Hide Full” check box in the Rally panel now hides full active Rallies in the “My Rallies” tab, as intended.
  • Adjusted a text inconsistency where “Event Recipes” would be listed as “Basic Recipes.”
  • Fixed an issue that caused the total power of a Hero to not be applied into the Rally Details panel from the view point of another allegiance member.
  • Addressed a number of bugs with the Screen Reader enabled; one that would cause users to have to select options twice and several that would prevent the player from leaving multiple menu panels.
  • The Port Collection bubble no longer deselects itself before items have been collected.
  • Solved a bug where the “Back” button on the Special Offers “View All Rewards” page would not respond to interaction.
  • The Events panel should no longer list regular events as “Cross-Kingdom Events.”
  • Corrected an inconsistency in graphics that caused Instant Boost icons to be enlarged in the Allegiance Leaderboard rewards for “War for the Wall.”
  • Adjusted the Red Temple tutorial to ensure each troop tier displays correctly on the Temple screen.
  • If a player has completed a Battleground and changed kingdoms before collecting their reward, they will no longer have to encounter a Battlegrounds Rewards tutorial upon landing in the new kingdom.
  • Fixed a localization issue where Raven messages sent without working internal navigation.
  • Corrected a display inconsistency where the Steel Foundry Unlock and Plot Limit icon would show the wrong icons within the Boost panel.
  • The godswood Shrine should now reset to 24 hours once it reaches 0 instead of dipping into negative seconds.