Release Notes 2023_04

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Update 2023_04 will be rolling out over the next couple weeks! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

  • Take your dragon to the next level and unlock Dragon Gear with an all new Dragon Care research branch! Find out how to get started with our guide, here.
  • Ever feel like four marches just isn’t enough? You might just be in store for a surprise! Keep an eye out this upcoming month for an extra March Slot recipe.
  • Spring cleaning takes on a whole new look. Soon, you’ll be able to filter your armory’s gear by seasons.
  • A new slider will soon allow you to adjust the amount of visible details in your City for better performance.
  • Now, you’ll have the ability to see how many successful victories are required to kill an Unyielding monster in the Battlegrounds Information Hub.

Bug Fixes

  • Tapping “Finish Now” on the Expeditions panel with a fully upgraded Arya Stark The Vengeful and/or Three-Eyed Raven the Greenseer equipped in the Small Council now completes the Expedition, as intended.
  • Players setting filters to a Rally panel can now see filters persist between the City scene and the Combat map.
  • Players withdrawing or sending Reinforcements to Seats of Power (SoP) on the Reinforcements panel no longer experience bouncing to the top of the panel.
  • Granting SoP titles via another player’s profile screen shows the cooldown timers, as intended.
  • Tapping a player’s rankings in the Allegiance Leaderboard multiple times no longer causes the screen to become unresponsive.
  • Kingdom vs. Kingdom (KvK) Leaderboards now show the Kingdom number instead of the Map ID, as intended.
  • Changing the game language no longer leaves the “Buy” and “Cancel” text on the gem purchase modal in the previous language’s translation.
  • Using the Player Search function now returns a panel explaining that “No results are found,” when no results meet the search criteria.
  • Made adjustments to the Peace Shield reminder banner to increase contrast for readability.
  • A variety of localization adjustments in a variety of languages, are included in this update.
  • Switching rapidly between different tabs in the Tower of the Hand no longer produces an infinite loading animation.
  • Toggling off Cross-Kingdom Chat during KvK disables the chat, as intended.
  • Players disconnecting from Wi-Fi on ios devices no longer need to reboot their game to continue playing once they are connected again.
  • Players who receive a Raven message about converted trophies can now tap on the left and right arrows at bottom of the message screen, as intended.
  • Double tapping the Recipe description box opens the description, as intended.
  • Tapping “Research now!” in the Maester’s Tower and agreeing to spend gold to get research instantly allows you to spend Gold for instant research.
  • A player assigning a title to an Allegiance bannerman via their House Information panel no longer encounters a grayed out “Remove Title” button in the Seat of Power panel.