Release Preview – April 26th

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On April 26th, select Kingdoms on Game of Thrones: Conquest will have their first opportunity to test out some exciting new quality-of-life improvements that will be releasing soon! Based on your feedback, we’re beginning to implement a few updates that are aimed to make your play experience a lot smoother. Before doing so, we need your help to ensure that these features are polished before they are released globally. Read on for more information on participating Test Kingdoms and updates ahead!

5th March Slot Recipe

Ever feel like four marches just aren’t enough? You will soon be able to exchange Writs for a new 8-hour Extra March Slot Instant Boost! At your leisure, you can head over to the Recipes tab of your Inventory to make the exchange, which will cost 150 Writs.

Participating Kingdom: 1318

Gear Season Filtering

We recognize that gear crafting can be a bit cumbersome when you’re trying to craft towards a specific Gear Season, especially during crafting flashback events. Soon, you will be able to enter your Smithy and apply filters that categorize each gear by its respective Gear Season!

Participating Kingdom: 1268

City Detail Slider Settings

Last, but not least, you will soon be able to adjust the amount of detail, such as walking NPCs, within your city. The slider will be located within your Settings panel and can be adjusted to aid in the performance of your City Scene. Strike a balance between visual fidelity and performance to find your preference!

Participating Kingdom: 1267

We want to hear from you!

If you’re one of the lucky Kingdoms chosen to participate in any of these tests, we’d love to hear your feedback! Head over to our official community Discord to join the discussion and help us improve on these upcoming features!