Release Notes 2023_05

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New and Upcoming

  • Work continues behind the scenes on an upcoming feature that will truly put your mettle to the test…
  • You can now find the recipe for an extra march slot in your inventory. Redeem these recipes using writs and make your marches more efficient than ever!

Bug Fixes

  • While looking at the Seat of Power (SoP) information panel on some devices, the panel would appear cut off on the screen.
  • Players attacking a SoP would see the health percentage fluctuate unreliably between the current % and 100%.
  • Loading preset builds would occasionally not load gear properly, resulting in the removal of all equipped gear in the Player Profile.
  • Dragon stat bonuses would not always be visually represented in the Dragon Stats panel.
  • During Kingdom vs. Kingdom Events, the Kingdom numbers listed in the Kingdom Ranking Leaderboard could overflow the banners.
  • In House Information, the stats in the Equipment, Talents, and Research panel would display as the Overall value of a stat instead of their intended individual values.
  • Players tapping multiple panels in the House Information’s Stats panel would cause some panels to randomly disappear.
  • When receiving large amounts of gifts, players would occasionally encounter extended loading times in the Allegiance Gifts Collection panel.
  • Dragon Gear would be visible in the Event Gear panel despite players having an unhatched Dragon Egg.
  • Several localization fixes in German and Spanish are introduced in this client.
  • In the Dragon Pit, players attempting to charge Tenacity without having enough Gold would not receive the intended pop-up warning them they had insufficient Gold to do so.
  • When initializing a Battleground, the Iron Gate would not display a call to action bubble.