Release Notes 2023_06

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New and Upcoming

This update includes backend support for an upcoming mettlesome event. Keep an eye out for an announcement soon!

Bug Fixes

Using Speedups to completely heal a troop no longer blocks the player from closing the Speedup panel.

Occasionally a ‘Max’ button appeared in tandem with the ‘Combine’ button in the Item Exchange Recipes panel when interacting with the Extra March Slot instant boost; the ‘Max’ button has been removed.

While viewing a Seat Of Power information panel, information will no longer be obscured by a black gradient line.

Infrequently, the eye color texture of an Adult Dragon could appear on other parts of the Dragon’s body.

Viewing two Keeps together on the Combat Map could cause shadow clipping/flashing to occur.

Resetting the game while in the Preset Manager panel, the first preset would be misaligned and partway hidden underneath the Individual Presets Banner.