July Preview – Freedom In Essos

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As Unsullied, we are taken from our mothers, we are shown our greatest fears, and we are told to kill children to earn our shield. This one has fought many wars for the masters since. Meereen, Yunkai, Astapor, all cities of Slaver’s Bay, we bleed to keep our masters rich. But today, no more. Today, we Unsullied fight for freedom.

Participate in this month’s events in Game of Thrones: Conquest and look forward to the following content for July!

  • Freedom In Essos event story arc
  • New Gear Set: Chainbreaker
  • New Trinket: Golden Dragon Band
  • New Dragon Gear Piece: Regal Serpent Peytral
  • New Heroes: Greyworm (Warrior of Astapor) & Loras Tyrell (Gallant Knight)
  • Crafting Flashbacks: Season 7 & 8 Gear and Select Trinket Collections

New Gear Set: Chainbreaker

Introducing the third gear set of Season 9, the Chainbreaker gear set is releasing alongside the Freedom In Essos event arc! As with other gear sets contained in this season, high-level gear pieces have 9 stat slots, providing you with even more buffs.

The Chainbreaker gear set centers around Cavalry Combat and features stats that apply in all situations as well as ones that are specific to PvP and Seats of Power. Additionally, you’ll find stats that will help your Cavalry troops counter Ranged troops a bit easier!

Here’s a full list of stats featured in this month’s gear set:

  • +Cavalry Attack/Defense/Health
  • +Cavalry Attack/Defense/Health Vs. Players
  • +Cavalry Attack/Defense/Health Vs. Players Seats of Power
  • +Cavalry Attack/Defense Vs. Players Ranged
  • +Marcher Cavalry Attack/Defense/Health Vs. Players
  • +Marching Speed Vs. Seats of Power
  • +Marching Speed Vs. Players
  • +Max March Size

In terms of the visual design of this gear set, players have been very vocal about Cavalry mains never receiving an elegant set. We’ve heard your feedback and we’re dedicating the Chainbreaker’s Crystal Tiara to Crystal from our Player Council who brought this to our attention at last year’s Game of Thrones Fan Convention!

New Dragon Gear Piece: Regal Serpent Peytral

This month in July, complete the Regal Serpent Dragon Gear Set when the Peytral is available to craft on July 17th! The Peytral will provide bonuses to your Dragon Infantry stats, complementing the Dragon Cavalry and Dragon Infantry stats obtained from the other set pieces. This will be a great set to use for your mixed army!

New Heroes: Greyworm (Warrior of Astapor) & Loras Tyrell (Gallant Knight)

Greyworm (Warrior of Astapor) is an Infantry Defense hero who’s best utilized when he’s seated as the Master of Ships on your Small Council. When taking advantage of his Council-activated skills, he’ll provide you with additional Defense and Health for your Infantry troops and make them more resilient against Cavalry forces. If you need your Infantry troops to stand their ground, Greyworm will be a great hero choice for you!

Here’s a full overview of his skills:

  • Signature Skill 1 | March | Max March Size
  • Signature Skill 2 | Council | Infantry Defense Vs. Players Cavalry
  • Skill 1 | March | Marcher Infantry Attack Vs. Players
  • Skill 2 | Council | Dragon Infantry Defense Vs. Players
  • Skill 3 | March | Infantry Attack Vs. Players Cavalry
  • Skill 4 | Council | Infantry Health Vs. Players
  • Skill 5 | Council | Infantry Defense

Loras Tyrell (Gallant Knight) is this month’s featured Mythic hero whose skills focus on Cavalry Attack and Defense. To make the most out of his skills, you’ll want to seat him as the Master of Coin on your Small Council to activate his Signature Skill Marcher Cavalry Attack Vs. Players and take advantage of his other Cavalry Attack and Defense skills against Seats of Power.

Here’s a breakdown of his skills:

  • Signature Skill 1 | March | Max March Size
  • Signature Skill 2 | Council | Marcher Cavalry Attack Vs. Players
  • Skill 1 | March | Marcher Cavalry Health Vs. Players Seats of Power
  • Skill 2 | Council | Marching Speed Vs. Seats of Power
  • Skill 3 | Council | Marcher Cavalry Attack Vs. Players Seat of Power
  • Skill 4 | March | Cavalry Defense Vs. Players
  • Skill 5 | Council | Cavalry Defense Vs. Seats of Power
  • Skill 6 | Council | Marcher Cavalry Attack Vs Player Seat of Power

Loyal Companion Spotlight

Ghost may be Jon Snow’s most loyal companion, but our community members have some dedicated pets as well! This month, we’re shining a spotlight on Zukay’s loyal companion, Bree!

As cute as Bree looks, this Queensland Heeler is known to be a master escape artist!

Want to have your pet featured in an upcoming spotlight? Tweet at @GOTConquest with a picture of your loyal companion along with its name, fun facts about them, your in-game name, and Kingdom Number!

Crafting Flashbacks

July brings back crafting materials for Season 7 and 8 Gear Sets and select Trinket Collections during Three-Eyed Raven events. Catch what’s available to craft this month below!

Three-Eyed Raven: Insight (Season 7 & 8 Gear Sets) – July 12th

Season 7

  • Ironborn Captain (Infantry)
  • Laughing Knight (Rally Combat)
  • Citadel Inquisitor (Cavalry)
  • Fledgling Squire (Utility)
  • Winter Survivor (Dragon)
  • Storm Lord (Ranged)
  • Iron Keyholder (Specialized Stats Per Slot)

Season 8

  • Targaryen Royal (Rally/Seats of Power)
  • Valyrian Champion (Infantry)
  • Festival Carouser (Utility)
  • Dragon Rider (Ranged)
  • Valyrian Bloodmage (Dragon)
  • Living Mountain (Cavalry)
  • Northern Noble (General Combat)

Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition (Trinket Collections) – July 19th

House Manderly

  • Ranger’s Quiver
  • Sand Steed’s Saddle
  • The Seven-Pointed Star

Valyrian Dragon

  • Dragon Claw Torque
  • Dragonlord’s Horn
  • Young Dragon’s Leash

House Baratheon

  • Book of Brothers
  • Merchant’s Medallion
  • Silk Stole

Artifacts of R’hllor

  • Gleaming Ruby Necklace
  • Arbor Red
  • Driftwood Crown

House Whent Heirlooms

  • Lover’s Favor
  • Smoldering Censer
  • Golden Hand

Event Schedule

Follow the entirety of the Freedom In Essos storyline by playing Game of Thrones: Conquest during the month of July! Here’s the full month’s schedule:

Freedom In Essos

  • Sack of Astapor (New Gear Set) – June 27th
  • Liberation of Meereen (PvE) – June 27th
  • Battle of Yunkai (Event Recipes) – June 30th
  • Symbol of Liberation (New Trinket) – July 5th
  • One True Weakness (PvE) – July 5th
  • Uprising in Meereen (PvE Rally) – July 10th
  • Bay of Dragons (Event Recipes) – July 18th

Power-Up Events

  • The Rich Man’s Shadow (Buildings) – June 29th / July 20th
  • The Rise of Dragons (Dragons) – July 3rd / July 17th
  • The Priest’s Shadow (Research) – July 6th
  • Heroes of the Great Game (Heroes) – July 10th / July 31st
  • A Maester’s Journey (Expeditions) – July 13th
  • Varys’s Riddle (Overall Power) – July 14th

PvE Events

  • Breach At The Wall – June 30th
  • The Great Hunt – July 18th

PvP Events

  • Children of the Forest – June 28th
  • Lord of Light – July 7th
  • The Climb – July 15th
  • Profit From Chaos – July 21st

Crafting Events

  • Three-Eyed Raven: Insight (Season 7 & 8 Gear) – July 12th
  • Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition (Trinket Crafting) – July 19th

Special Events

  • Feast of Cakes and Pies – July 4th
  • Honor the Old Gods – July 24th


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