Release Notes 2023_07

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Update 2023_07 is rolling out! Read on to learn more about Game of Thrones: Conquest’s upcoming features and bug fixes.

New and Upcoming

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a new Quality of Life improvement; coordinate bookmarking! 

Bug Fixes

The ‘Send’ message box could appear multiple times in direct personal messages with another user.

Using Speedups in the Medic Tent in complete healing could block a player from closing the Speedup Panel.

While playing on an iOS device, The Fealty Pawn attack animation would appear distorted on the Combat Map.

Promotional pack banners in a Players Inventory could sometimes appear as white boxes.

During Test Your Mettle, points that showed what could be earned per minute were not visible in the SoP Panels.

Player-owned Seats of Power during Test Your Mettle could not be interacted with from the SoP Sidebar.

Resolved icon disparities between the 8th and 9th slot properties on Season 9 Gear.

Removed shivering soldiers from the Summer City scene.

Repeatedly switching between two different presets with two different pawns could cause a white square to appear briefly.

Occasionally when unlocking reward chests, a pink square would appear instead of the ‘Daily Quest Reward.’

Unlocking the Fire Breath for the first time would let the tutorial play on a resource node despite being unusable.

Fixed localization and string cutoff errors in Game of Thrones: Conquest’s Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, French, and German localization.

On iOS, in the Settings Panel, the “Your data will be used to deliver a more personalized experience” option was not correctly localized for other languages.

In the Rationing II information panel, the power displayers could overlap on OnePlus 10 Pro and Apple iPad 2017 in the Maester Tower.

The ‘Unlocked’ button instant boost icon on the Steel Foundry cutoff.