Seat of Power Region Control Guide

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The whole of Westeros is made up of eight significant regions: The Seven Kingdoms of old and the Crownlands. Each has its Capital, represented by the 4 and 4.5 Star Seats of Power. Holding any of these is a great achievement for a ruler and an allegiance, and vital for making a claim to the Iron Throne itself.

Under Region Control rules, if your Allegiance wishes to march on a region’s capital it must control enough Seats of Power within that region. This applies both to rallies and reinforcing! You can use this to your advantage to cut off an entrenched seat holder’s lines of support, or to put down a would-be usurper by denying them the seats they need to contest your rule.

Each Capital lists its March Requirement, which might be a number of seats or total stars of seats in the same region. Each seat adds to your allegiance’s region control total, excluding the Capital itself.

Region Capital March Requirements

The Seat of Power Region Control event will appear within the Event Panel to indicate when Region Control mechanics are active. 

You can also see a red badge on region capitals within the Seat of Power menu to indicate that there are March Requirements that must be met before you can send any march to those seats.

Tapping a capital with one of these red badges will bring you to an information page, where you can see its specific March Requirements.

In this example, we will look at Sunspear, the capital of Dorne. Sunspear has a March Requirement of 5 Seats, meaning that your allegiance must hold at least 5 other seats within the region of Dorne before your allegiance can contesthold Sunspear.

March requirements vary from region to region and may also be adjusted for specific events, so make sure to check the March Requirements in-game before strategizing for your next SoP Region Control event!


With Region Control enabled, even the lowest star seats within a region become important. Coordinate with your allegiance to ensure you can take, and defend, enough 1-3.5 star SoPs to meet the capital March Requirements.

If another allegiance gets to the capital first, or steals it away from you, look to unseat their lower star seats within the region first. If you can force them below the march requirement threshold for the region, then you impede their ability to defend the capital.

Even if you are not competing for a capital, a small allegiance or individual can still effectively sow chaos by picking off lower-level SoPs. Turn the tide towards whatever direction is most beneficial for you, and you may climb the ladder of chaos to end up in a more advantageous position within the politics of war. 



What happens if my allegiance successfully takes a region’s capital, but then loses enough other SoPs within the region that we no longer meet the region’s March Requirements?

You may continue to hold the seat, but defending it will become more challenging as you and your allegiance cannot send reinforcement marches to a capital without meeting its March Requirements.

Are any Seats of Power excluded from Region Control?

Currently, Region Control does not extend to King’s Landing in The Iron Throne region, or event-enabled Seats of Power, like the Night’s Watch forts in The Gift region.

It’s possible that these could be included in the future though! Be sure to check the in-game Seats of Power panel as well as the Seat of Power Region Control event description to confirm which regions are included in current events.

If I do not meet the March Requirements for a capital, can I still send attack and scout marches to it?

No, you cannot send marches of any kind to a Region Control-enabled capital unless you meet its march requirement.