Release Notes 2023_08

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Update 2023_08 is rolling out! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming 

  • Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a new Quality of Life improvement; coordinate bookmarking.
  • This update also includes backend support to SoP Region Control.
  • We are currently working on backend improvements to the message center. Over the coming weeks, some players may notice that their message center notifications reset to ‘unread’. We anticipate this only occurring 1-2 times over the course of testing, and marking your messages as read after a reset will still function as expected. 

Bug Fixes       

  • Players were unable to filter gear by season in the Smithy.
  • An un-interactable bookmark icon was visible on the Coordinate panel on the combat map. This was removed until the Map Bookmark feature could be enabled.
  • Purchasing an offer while viewing the ‘View All Rewards’ panel would not automatically close the panel after making a purchase.
  • Adjusted a UI discrepancy on rank reward info windows within the ‘Kingdom Ranking Leaderboard’ panel.
  • While in the Tower of the Hand, selecting filters and tapping ‘Apply’ would not automatically close the Filters Panel.
  • Modified City Scene sound effects were playing on different items than intended.
  • Fixed localization and string cutoff errors in Game of Thrones: Conquest’s Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German, and Turkish languages.
  • Adjusted incorrect building dimensions during the first time user experience.
  • Selecting the ‘Increase Stamina’ tab before the Profile tutorial appears could cause Game of Thrones: Conquest to soft lock.
  • Improvements to the backend to improve performance.