Update 2023_09 is rolling out! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest.

New and Upcoming

In line with our future Anniversary celebration, expect these new Quality of Life Improvements to appear in the coming weeks!

  • We’re adding the ability to favorite gear and trinkets in your armories! It’ll be available from the equipment panel and accessible from your profile.
  • We are also introducing a notification informing you that your Healing Tents are full if you are about to attack someone or something.
  • We’ve updated Gold Spending toggles! Now you can customize when you receive the Gold Spend Warning in your Settings between 5k, 25k, and 100k.
  • A slide will be added that allows players to craft multiple gear templates simultaneously.
  • The Rally Panel will eventually have visual indicators for takeover and attack rallies.
  • This update includes backend support and fixes to SoP Region Control.
  • The nights grow longer, and darkness falls upon the city scenery this month! 🦇 Please allow for additional loading time the first time you open the game after updating.

Bug Fixes

While viewing a player profile, the screen could freeze while loading and cause the game to be unresponsive.
Fixed localization and text out-of-bound errors in Game of Thrones: Conquest’s German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian languages.
Tapping on the Shrine could cause the game to crash occasionally.
Swapping Equipment presets could cause visual text overlapping when adjusting the power level on the House Information screen.
Tapping on a Featured Offers panel in the Inventory, Smithy, Maester’s Tower, Dragon Pit, Tower of the Hand, and Boost Center could cause the offers to flicker.