October Month of Migration – Merge, SYC & more

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Update 10/5/23 10 AM ET:

We have decided to adjust the Kingdom Merge and Stake Your Claim pairings that were announced earlier this week. Please see below for an updated schedule and final pairings for the October kingdom lifecycle migration events.

Stake Your Claim – October 13th – 16th 

  • Kingdoms 1389 + 1414 + 1415 (into 2 New Kingdoms)

Kingdom Merge – October 18th

  • Kingdoms 1403 + 1404 + 1405 + 1406 + 1407 + 1408 + 1411 + 1417 + 1418
  • Kingdoms 1412 + 1428
  • Kingdoms 1413 + 1420 + 1421

Stake Your Claim – October 20th – 23rd

  • Kingdoms 1390 + 1419 + 1422 (into 2 New Kingdoms)

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and good luck in this month’s events!


It’s been a whole cycle! Can you believe it?

Last June we had our first “Month of Migration”- a month that marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next, and the point where mid-elder kingdoms can expect to be evaluated for merge/SYC.

 In our June announcement, we explained the thought behind this approach and revisited the goals and accomplishments of the Kingdom Lifecycle Initiative.

Now it’s time to see what we’ve learned from this inaugural cycle, and announce the next round of Kingdom Merges and Stake Your Claim participants!


In our June post, we asked for feedback on the decisions made so far. One of the main questions we had was if we’d correctly timed the length of a cycle. Based on feedback received, the 4-month cycle did resonate with most players!

With that settled, we moved on to another old fan favorite- tournaments. We knew we wanted to bring these back after the first one was such a success. However, we challenged ourselves to see if we could run one in a single month, as an exciting capstone to a cycle. We just wrapped up this endeavor with our Tournament of Many Faces in September, so our next step will be to evaluate if that setup worked, if it needs improvements, or if there’s a different approach to Tournaments or long-running leaderboards entirely that we should consider.

If you have thoughts you’d like us to incorporate into our analysis, Let us know over on our official community Discord, either in the #tournament channel, or through our Kingdom Pairing Feedback Portal (this is also pinned to the #merge-and-stake channel on Discord and open 24/7!)

October 2023 Kingdom Lifecycle Events

Stake Your Claim – October 13th – 16th 

Pairings: See update above!

Kingdom Merge – October 18th

Pairings: See update above!

Stake Your Claim – October 20th – 22nd

Pairings: See update above!

We are open to feedback about these pairings! Feel free to leave us a note in our Kingdom Pairing Feedback Portal.

As always, we invite you to join the conversation on our official community Discord to chat with other players, and let us know what you think of the event.

Wishing you all good fortune in the battles to come!