October Preview – Old Nan’s Tales and 6th Year Anniversary!

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It’s our 6 year anniversary since launching Game of Thrones: Conquest!

As is tradition, we’ll be spending the month of October celebrating the players who have joined us on this journey. With gifts, challenges, and Quality of life improvements- there’s plenty to look forward to this October, so let’s jump in!

At A Glance

Here’s a summary of all the weekly anniversary content you can look forward to on top of our usual monthly content for October!

Week 1

  • Discord Stage Stream Kick Off & Monthly Preview
  • Gift: 3 new Banner sigils (with an additional 3 available through community Challenge participation)
  • Quality of Life improvements rollout begins

Week 2

  • Player Choice: Vote on the signature skills for our next 2 Hero releases!
  • Community Challenge Goal: 6 Million Daily Quests completed

Week 3

  • Spooky City Additions: Pumpkins & Krakens
  • Community Challenge Goal 2: 16 Million Daily Quests Completed

Week 4

  • October 19th is the official anniversary of our global release!
  • Anniversary Bonus Log in event – Runs 10 AM 10/19/23 Through 10 AM 10/26/23 (US Eastern)
  • Test Your Mettle Returns!
  • Community Challenge Goal 3: 26 Million Daily Quests Completed
  • Gift: 6 New Loadout Presets release

New Banner Sigils & Community Challenge

We’re kicking off the month by releasing 3 free Banner Sigils- The Book of Conquest from last year’s anniversary, Old Nan’s Tales distressed emblem, and a creepy crawley Beetle, perfect for getting into the Halloween Spirit.

That’s not all though- We have 3 stretch goals that will award the entire community an additional 3 Sigils when hit.

All you have to do is log in each day in October and complete your daily quests. If the community as a whole can collectively complete enough quests, you’ll unlock the next sigil!

  • 6 Million Total Daily Quests Completed – Unlocks the Sigil of The Seven
  • 16 Million Total Daily Quest Completed – Unlocks the Wildling Mammoth Skull Sigil
  • 26 Million Total Daily Quests Completed – Unlocks the Knight of the Laughing Tree Sigil

Once unlocked, the banner sigils will be available to use in the banner customization panel in-game.

Check back each week in October to see what challenge goals have been completed!

Anniversary Log-in Bonus Event!

Between 10 AM 10/19/23 Through 10 AM 10/26/23 (US Eastern), you can receive bonus rewards, including Gold, Brick, Soldier Pine, and Keystone! All you need to do is log in each day and claim your daily log-in rewards. 

Player’s Choice – Community Poll

We’re letting the community vote on what Signature Skills they’d like to see on our November Heroes!

The poll will be sent out in-game, so keep an eye on your Message Center notices!

Spooky Additions to the City

We share our Anniversary with Old Nan and her spooky tales for Halloween. To set the mood, you’ll notice the City scene and UI in-game sports its traditional creepy cobwebs, and somber shifted ambience.

In addition that, Players may have already noticed some new additions to this year’s spooky city, including black pigs roaming the streets and bats in the skies. 

In the second half of the month you’ll also see pumpkins popping up (give them a tap to hear them squish!) and a (perhaps unwelcome?) guest lurking in the waters near your Port.

MORE Preset Loadouts!

In addition to the daily log-in bonus rewards, we will also be unlocking 6 new Preset Loadout slots on our anniversary (10/19)

This is a very common request we hear, so we know players will make the most of these new loadout slots! Enjoy!

Community Requested QOL Improvements

We have 6 quality of life improvements that were sourced from common player requests. A few kingdoms already had a preview of these last week, but global rollout will happen at the beginning of October.

⭐️ Filled Medic Tents notifications

 When attempting to attack someone once your Medic Tent capacity has been reached, a banner notification will appear to warn you.

⭐️ Updated Gold Spend Warning/Confirmation

For years we have had a confirmation pop up when spending gold, that can be disabled for the day. However we commonly hear the request to be able to dismiss the warning for small purchases, while retaining it for larger amounts of gold.

This feature adds a new “Gold Spend Warnings” section under Settings which has 3 different toggles for >5k, >25k and >100k Gold purchases.

⭐️ New Visual indicators for Attack vs Takeover SOP Rallies

This adds new ways to quickly distinguish between ‘Take Over’ and ‘Attack’ SOP rallies. Look for the new icons on the upper right corner of each Rally within the Active Rallies panel

⭐️ Sort Rallies by capacity and march size

You can now sort Rallies in the Active Rally panel by their capacity, and total march size. 

⭐️ Multiple Gear Template Slider

This change allows you to get multiple Gear Templates at once, removing some extra tapping from the flow for folks who like to craft with templates!

⭐️ Ability to favorite Gear and Armories, and filter by Favorites in the Smithy

We saved the best for last! (At least in this humble writer’s opinion)

Tap the heart icon on Gear and Trinket sets to favorite them. You can then filter by favorites, and certain menus will default to showing favorites at the top of the list (such as when you equip gear through your Lord Profile)

We’ve also begun work to add favorites to the Armory, however full Armory support will not be initially available. 

Note: This will likely be the last one of these QOL features to rollout

The Return of Test Your Mettle!

A fan favorite, Test Your Mettle returns on October 21st with a few updates! Check out our guide or the video below to learn more about this cross kingdom, keep level bracketed PvP event!

New Gear Set: Thenn Tribal

Participate in this month’s events to collect crafting materials for the new Thenn Tribal gear set, inspired be a wildling tribe who’s best known for self-inflicting scars and cannibalism…

October’s gear set is all about Reinforcements at Seats of Power and Defense, so this one is best equipped when holding onto your strongholds that you don’t want to give up!

Here’s a featured list of stats from this month’s gear set:

  • +Cavalry/Infantry/Ranged Defense/Attack
  • +Cavalry/Infantry/Ranged Health Vs. Players
  • +Cavalry/infantry/Ranged Defense Vs. Players at Seats of Power
  • +Marching Speed when Reinforcing
  • +Max March Size when Reinforcing
  • +Seat of Power Reinforcement Capacity

New Dragon Gear Piece: Tide Breaker Peytral

Wrapping up in October is the completion of the Tide Breaker Dragon Gear Set with the Peytral releasing on October 23rd! This is the same day that the Dragon Power-Up event is active so you’ll be able to collect those much needed Valyrian Schematics to craft it.

For our Cavalry mains, the Peytral is built to enhance your Dragon Cavalry Combat against Seats of Power!

Event Schedule

Throughout October, catch all of Old Nan’s Tales when you participate in events this month!

Here’s the full schedule of events:

Old Nan’s Tales

  • Prince Pie (New Gear Set) – October 3rd
  • Grumkins and Snarks (PvE) – October 3rd
  • The Thing That Came in the Night (Event Recipes) – October 6th
  • In That Darkness (New Trinket) – October 11th
  • Mad Axe (PvE) – October 11th
  • The Thenn (PvE Rally) – October 16th
  • Aerion Brightflame (Event Recipes) – October 24th

Power-Up Events

  • Heroes of the Great Game (Heroes) – October 2nd / 16th / 30th
  • The Priest’s Shadow (Research) – October 5th / 26th
  • The Rise of Dragons (Dragons) – October 9th / 23rd
  • The Stranger’s Eyes (Shrine) – October 10th
  • The Rich Man’s Shadow (Buildings) – October 12th
  • A Maester’s Journey (Expeditions) – October 19th
  • Varys’s Riddle (Overall Power) – October 20th

PvE Events

  • Breach At The Wall – October 6th
  • The Great Hunt – October 24th

PvP Events

  • Night’s Watch Mutiny – October 4th
  • Profit From Chaos – October 13th
  • The Climb – October 21st

Crafting Events

  • Three-Eyed Raven: Insight (Season 5 & 6 Gear) – October 18th
  • Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition (Trinket Crafting) – October 25th

Special Events

  • Festival of the Stranger – October 26th


Celebrate the month of October with these spooky Old Nan’s Tales themed wallpapers, available for both Mobile and Desktop!

To save on Mobile, tap and hold the image, and select “Download image”. To save on Desktop, right-click and select “Save image as…”



Discord Stage

Want to listen to a quick summary of everything going on in October? Listen to our full Discord Stage broadcast here!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview for the month of October! If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!