Release Notes 2023_10

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– New and Upcoming – 

  • Happy Halloween! The spooky city skin is decorated with Pumpkins for the fall- tap them for a surprise! A somewhat unwanted guest has also taken up residence in the waters just off your port…. you can investigate that too, if you’re brave.
  • Back-end work on the mail system continues. Hopefully more to share here soon!
  • This update also includes the capability to change player profile backgrounds based on which Seats of Power are currently held. Look out for information about that feature release next month!

– Bug Fixes –

  • Scouting Fixes – The first scout report sent to an SOP/target no longer disappears from the message center with previous scouting reports.
  • Map Bookmarks should now recommend the correct name when bookmarking map tiles near 1-star Seats of Power
  • Removed the tapable ‘Next’ button in the Message Center when there are 30 or fewer war reports to view.
  • Fixed recommended Tyrion quests prompting twice after completing the previous recommended quest on the city scene.
  • Fixed rare cause of crashing for Android devices.
  • 9th gear stats should now be listed in the Item Details panel, found when tapping the ‘Stats’ button within Smithy Recipes.
  • Fixed a possible memory leak introduced in previous update that could lead to crashes given enough time.
  • Fixed an issue preventing any Heroes from appearing in the Unlocked Heroes panel of the Tower of the Hand when filtering by Combat, PvP or PvE.
  • Heroes tutorials can no longer be interrupted before finishing, leading to mismatched information on screen when tutorial resumes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause cached notifications to carry over when using Switch Account to load a different game account.
  • Fixed several text issues, including unformatted gearset names within the Smithy and cut-off text in multiple language localizations.