December Preview – Aegon’s Conquest

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Three centuries ago, Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters flew their dragons across Westeros and united a continent in their shadow. With ingenuity, courage, fire, and blood, they forged these fragmentary kingdoms into a legendary dynasty.

Participate in this month’s events in Game of Thrones: Conquest and look forward to the following content for December!

  • Aegon’s Conquest event story arc
  • Earn Iron Crowns and exchange them for Hero Relic Recipes
  • Craft all of the greatest Gear for your Armory sets!
  • Build up your Trinkets for your Trinket Armory collections!
  • New Dragon Gear Piece: Verdant Guardian Saddle
  • Festival of the Crone

Iron Crowns Have Returned!

During the entire month of December, you’ll be able to earn “Iron Crowns” from Crafting events that are part of the Aegon’s Conquest event arc! Then, you can exchange them for time-limited Hero Relic recipes. Be sure to check the Recipes tab in your Inventory to view all of our offerings!

Craft All Previously Released Gear Sets

Crafting materials for all previously released Gear Sets will be available to collect throughout December by participating in Aegon’s Conquest events! This is a great opportunity to fill up your Armory.

Here are the dates for each event and when crafting materials are available to earn:

King’s Landing (Season I & II Gear Sets) – November 29th

Season I Gear Sets: Stark, Lannister, Faith Militant, Dothraki, Qartheen, Corsair, Blackfyre, Wildling, Mormont, and Reaver

Season II Gear Sets: Braavosi Trader, Kingswood, Whent, Bolton, Siege Engineer, Dornish, and Dragon Knight

King of the Isles and Rivers (Season III & IV Gear Sets) – December 5th

Season III Gear Sets: Night’s Watch Ranger, Battle-Scarred, Falcon Knight, Stark Relic, Kingsguard, Conqueror, and Tyrell

Season IV Gear Sets: Baelish, Thorned Bride, Faceless Men Robes, Dragonkeeper Armor, Brotherhood Archer, Blackwater Defender, Usurper.

Field of Fire (Season V & VI Gear Sets) – December 12th

Season V Gear Sets: Dornish Royal, Lost Ranger, Crow Slayer, Keep Architect, War Hound, Tourney Queen, Fiery Zealot.

Season VI Gear Sets: Queen of Lions, Drowned Disciple, Unleashed Warrior, Crannogman Trapper, Northern Guardian, Highgarden Socialite

The Painted Table (Season VII & VIII Gear Sets) – December 19th

Season VII Gear Sets: Ironborn Captain, Laughing Knight, Citadel Inquisitor, Fledgling Squire, Winter Survivor, Storm Lord, Iron Keyholder

Season VIII Gear Sets: Targaryen Royal, Valyrian Champion, Festival Carouser, Dragon Rider, Valyrian Bloodmage, Living Mountain, Northern Noble

Turn of the Wheel (Season IX Gear Sets) – December 26th

Season IX Gear Sets: Lost Targaryen, Targaryen Kingsguard, Chainbreaker, Rhoynish Voyager, Faceless Wolf, Thenn Tribal, Harvest Fool

Craft All Previously Released Trinket Collections

Need to fill up your Trinket Collections too? Here are the dates for when crafting materials for each Trinket Collection is ready to drop:

Invasion of Dorne (Trinket Collections I) – December 2nd

Trinket Collection materials available: House Arryn Heirlooms, House Mormont Heirlooms, House Targaryen Heirlooms, House Martell Heirlooms, Artifacts of Winter, Northern Artifacts

The Last Storm (Trinket Collections II) – December 8th

Trinket Collection materials available: House Manderly Heirlooms, Valyrian Dragon Heirlooms, House Baratheon Heirlooms, Artifacts of R’hllor, House Whent Heirlooms, Warrior Women Heirlooms

Fire and Blood (Trinket Collections III) – December 14th

Trinket Collection materials available: House Stark Heirlooms, House Lannister Heirlooms, House Greyjoy Heirlooms, Artifacts of Astapor, Night’s Watch Artifacts

The King who Knelt (Trinket Collections IV) – December 22nd

Trinket Collection materials available: House Baelish Heirlooms, Dothraki Heirlooms, House Tyrell Heirlooms, Conqueror’s Heirlooms, Targaryen Prince Artifacts, Dragon Rider Artifacts

New Dragon Gear Piece: Verdant Guardian Saddle

A brand new piece from the Verdant Guardian Dragon Gear Set is releasing in December! Craft the Saddle to buff your Cavalry Troops during Strategic Terrain combat.

Here are its key stats to look out for:

  • Dragon Attack
  • Dragon Cavalry Defense Vs. Players
  • Dragon Cavalry Attack Vs. Players
  • Dragon Strategic Resource Gathering Speed
  • Dragon Defender Health

To learn more about Dragon Gear, visit:

Festival of the Crone

The Festival of the Crone is upon us! Pray for the Crone to offer you wisdom and guidance in the trials you will face as a leader to your people.

From December 21st to December 28th, you can earn Gifts and Favors by completing Daily Quests. Send Favors to earn Points for you and your Allegiance, and trade Favors for time-limited Recipes. Be sure to come back every day to complete your Dailies so that you can contribute points towards your Allegiance’s progressive quest for even more rewards!

Event Schedule

Throughout December, follow the story of Aegon the Conqueror, the founder and first king of the Targaryen dynasty who conquered Westeros and united the realm with three great dragons: Balerion, Vhagar, and Meraxes!

Here’s the full schedule for this month:

Aegon’s Conquest (Crafting Events)

  • King’s Landing (Season I & II Gear Sets) – November 29th
  • Invasion of Dorne (Trinket Collections I) – December 2nd
  • King of the Isles and Rivers (Season III & IV Gear Sets) – December 5th
  • The Last Storm (Trinket Collections II) – December 8th
  • Field of Fire (Season V & VI Gear Sets) – December 12th
  • Fire and Blood (Trinket Collections III) – December 14th
  • The Painted Table (Season VII & VIII Gear Sets) – December 19th
  • The King who Knelt (Trinket Collections IV) – December 22nd
  • Turn of the Wheel (Season IX Gear Sets) – December 26th
  • Coronation of Aegon (Shrine & Gifting) – December 29th

Power-Up Events

  • The Priest’s Shadow (Research) – November 30th
  • The Rise of Dragons (Dragons) – December 4th / 18th / 27th
  • The Rich Man’s Shadow (Buildings) – December 7th / 21st
  • Heroes of the Great Game (Heroes) – December 11th / 25th / January 1st
  • A Maester’s Journey (Expeditions) – December 14th
  • Varys’s Riddle (Overall Power) – December 15th / 29th

PvE Events

  • Breach At The Wall – December 1st
  • The Great Hunt – December 19th

PvP Events

  • War for the Throne/Rebellion – December 8th
  • The Climb – December 16th
  • Lord of Light – December 22nd

Special Events

  • Feast of Cakes and Pies – December 6th
  • Festival of the Crone – December 21st


Close out the year by decorating your devices with these Aegon’s Conquest wallpapers! Both for Desktop and Mobile!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview for the month of December! If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!