Release Notes 2023_12

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Update 2023_12 is rolling out! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest!

New and Upcoming 

  • SoP Region Control is previewing in select kingdoms! Tap here to learn more about this new event.
  • Seat of Power info panels have been updated to better communicate when SOP Bannermen or Region Control requirements have or have not been met.
  • Snow blankets the city in a deep frost this month! ❄️ Please allow for additional loading time the first time you open the game after updating.

Bug Fixes       

  • Fixed text out-of-bound errors in the Disconnected Panel.
  • Swapping repeatedly between bannerman in the Allegiance Menu and House Information Panel no longer prevents the game from loading in your bannermen profile.
  • Fixed localization, text out-of-bound, and text cutoff errors in Game of Thrones: Conquest’s German, French, Turkish, Russsian,
  • Fixed text clipping through the Tavern on the City Scene.
  • Swapped the ‘SAVE’ and ‘CANCEL’ buttons in the Bookmark Location Panel back to their respective spots.
  • Removed a persistent “+2” power-up bubble that would appear after training troops and switching accounts.
  • Un-pixilated the countdown timer that could appear while completing specific tasks with standard buildings in the city scene.
  • Backend improvements to syncing and loading.
  • Viewing a Failed Marches report in the Message Center on Page 2, Page 3, etc., no longer returns players to Page 1.
  • Failed Scout Reports in the Message Center was fixed to be Red instead of Green as intended.
  • The “RESEARCH NOW” and “FORGE NOW” buttons are no longer disabled after canceling the initial Gold Confirmation panel.
  • Scaled the checkmark icon on the Bookmark feature to be larger, as intended.
  • Expeditions in the Maester Tower dropdown list now display whether they are locked.
  • Explanation text displayed after tapping the dropdown button on the Equipment, Talents, and Research sections now appears in the Stats panel for new players.
  • Troop Icons no longer disappear after using the speedup option in the Troop Train Panel.
  • Traps no longer display as deployed in the battle report when no troops are present.