Release Notes 2024_01

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Update 2024_01 is rolled out! Read on to learn more about the upcoming features and bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest!

New and Upcoming

  • We’ve added the Offerwall to Special Offers panel! Check it out if you’re interested in earning gold in alternative ways.
  • A new honey-sweet March Pawn is coming – tune into our next community Discord Stage for a chance to catch it!
  • SoP Avatar backgrounds have disappeared, but will return in the coming week as we make a few adjustments.

Bug Fixes

  • While playing the game for the first time, the Bannerman Tutorial would not play until after a restart.
  • Sigil icons did not display multiple tones correctly after customizing the banner.
  • Changing an adolescent dragon’s eye color could cause the body texture to change.
  • The speedup panel now closes on its own if the timer reaches 0.
  • The iPhone 14s camera notch will no longer hide game elements.
  • When building a War Camp, the camera would zoom in and out erratically.
  • The level-up arrow no longer stays yellow and turns green even when the user has enough resources to upgrade the building.