Release Notes 2024_02

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Update 2024_02 is rolling out!

Read on to learn more about bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest!

Bug Fixes       

  • Installing the game for the first time caused banners and kingdom numbers on the Kingdom Map to not display, consequently soft locking the player from finishing the tutorial.
  • Players that tapped the ‘Go To’ Button will now go to the appropriate building while on the City Scene.
  • Player who had repeatedly gone between the Overall, Equipment, Talents, and Research drop-downs will no longer see stats disappear in the House Information Stats Panel.
  • The tap-ability of action bubbles on the Shrine and Maesters Tower have been improved.
  • The Offers screen background no longer flickers when a player launches the game.
  • Kingdom vs. Kingdom (KvK) label now shows the Kingdom number in the SoP sidebar, as intended.
  • Removed the upgrade arrow beside max level stats displayed on research stats in the Research panel.
  • An unbuilt rural plot now shows the correct error banner while boosting.
  • Localization and text out-of-bound errors have been fixed in multiple languages.