Release Notes 2024_03

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Update 2024_03 is rolling out!

Read on to learn more about upcoming bug fixes for Game of Thrones: Conquest!

New and Upcoming 

  • Spring returns to Game of Thrones: Conquest! 🌸 Please allow for additional loading time the first time you open the game after updating.
  • We have identified a visual bug affecting buffs claimed via event shipments. These buffs may briefly display as only 1% on the reward banner pop-up, however you can confirm the correct percentage that is applied when viewing them in your Boost Center. We have a fix that will be released in a future update, but we apologize for any confusion caused in the meantime.

Bug Fixes       

  • The Port Icon could occasionally appear as a white asset on the ‘Choose Building’ panel.
  • If a player has a Hero with excess relics, its icon would not load in the Convert Excess Relics panel.
  • The building construction hit box on specific buildings have been adjusted during the tutorial.
  • Backend improvements done to syncing and loading.

Due to Unity update requirements, we will no longer be supporting older android devices utilizing OpenGL ES2 graphics API. If possible, please upgrade to continue playing Game of Thrones : Conquest.