April Fools 2024 : PawnQuest

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It’s pure PAWN-DE-MONIUM here in Game of Thrones: Conquest. Introducing PawnQuest: A new way to play with your ever-growing Pawn collection. Square off against legendary fighters and achieve your way to the championship title!

Creatures you’ve fought on the map before will return to fight in a 1v1 arena-style competition. PawnQuest features a robust roster of Pawn Combatants with unique abilities and wea-pawn-ry, a reimagined Westeros with new and familiar battlegrounds, and an epic cinematic Story Mode!

All players should immediately visit the in-game Pawn Shop to get started. Here you’ll find an ever growing list of fighters, be sure to collect them all and duel respawnsibly



Tune in throughout the day to watch the Dragon Rider, Mad Fool, Unsullied, and Night King battle for supremacy in the first-ever PawnQuest Tournament! Will a pawn of Ice or Fire win? Or will the Fool and Unsullied fight for dominance?

Dragon Rider and Mad Fool enter into the ring in the Semi-Finals and they’re ready to premiere some amazing PawnQuest gameplay! Who will win-out in the battle of Tail Whips Vs. Deception?

On the other side of the PawnQuest Tournament Semi-Finals, Unsullied will take on the infamous Night King! Will the Unsullied Warrior’s discipline be enough to defeat Night King’s army of the dead? Watch this epic battle to find out!

Mad Fool and Night King proved their worth to be in the Grand Finals of the PawnQuest Tournament and will now square off in the match-up to end all match-ups! Who will ultimately take home the victory?

First Look!

Want to watch the grand finale? Pawn-der the possibilities? We will be giving a preview of PawnQuest during our next Discord Stage live show! Join our official discord server on April 1st at 4pm EST as we dive into more details!