April Preview – House Baratheon

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Those who knew the Baratheon brothers would often remark on their clashing personalities — no love was shared between them. It was only out of duty to their king and brother, Robert, that held them together. After his untimely death, even a shared name was not enough to unite them.

Look for these Featured Rewards throughout the House Baratheon event:

  • Leather Bound Chains to craft the Stag Lord gear set!
  • Battleworn Anelace Iron to craft the Battleworn Anelace trinket!
  • Braavosi Loan trophies can be traded for prizes in the Recipes tab of your Inventory while the False Blood or Hiding in Plain Sight events are active
  • New Dragon Gear Set Piece: Sky Reaver’s Saddle
  • Copper Stars by participating in Seasonal Milestone Events

Let’s take a closer look into what’s new in April!

New Gear Set: Stag Lord

Participate in “House Baratheon” events this month to collect crafting materials for the new Stag Lord gear set! Reminiscent of Stannis Baratheon’s attire, this gear set will provide you with Dragon Combat benefits when equipped.

Here’s a featured list of stats for this month’s gear set:

  • +Dragon Troop Attack/Health
  • +Dragon Troop Attack/Health/Defense Vs. Players
  • +Dragon Troop Attack Vs. Seats of Power
  • +Dragon Attack Vs. Dragons/Players Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry
  • +Dragon Health/Defense
  • +Dragon Max March Size
  • +Dragon Marching Speed
  • +Dragon Repel Strike Damage
  • +Troop Attack/Health/Defense
  • +Troop Attack Vs. Seats of Power
  • +Troop Defense Vs. Players
  • +Marcher Troop Attack Vs. Players

Share your opinions with us regarding the Stag Lord gear set and how you’ll be using it in your upcoming battles. As always, you can discuss your builds and provide feedback in the #smithy channel of our Discord!

New Dragon Gear Set: Sky Reaver’s Saddle

In April, we conclude the Sky Reaver Dragon gear set with the Sky Reaver Saddle! April 22nd will be your first opportunity to craft the new dragon gear piece and take advantage of its Dragon Infantry stats.

Here are its key stats to look out for:

  • +Dragon Attack
  • +Dragon Infantry Defense
  • +Dragon Max March Size
  • +Dragon Infantry Attack Vs. Players
  • +Dragon Troop Health Vs. Players

To learn more about Dragon Gear, visit: https://go.wbgames.com/GoTC-Dragon-Gear

Gear Seasons 1, 2, and 3 Crafting Flashback

On April 17th, gear crafting caravans will return to the Combat Map to drop Seasons 1, 2, and 3 crafting materials. Be sure to participate in the Three-Eyed Raven event to catch up on your Armory Collection!

Here are all of the gear sets you’ll be able to craft:

Season 1

  • Stark Gear Set
  • Lannister Gear Set
  • Dothraki Gear Set
  • Qartheen Gear Set
  • Corsair Gear Set
  • Reaver Gear Set
  • Faith Militant Gear Set
  • Wildling Gear Set
  • Mormont Gear Set
  • Blackfyre Gear Set

Season 2

  • Bolton Gear Set
  • Braavosi Trader Gear Set
  • Kingswood Gear Set
  • Dragon Knight Gear Set
  • Dornish Gear Set
  • Siege Engineer’s Gear Set
  • Whent Gear Set

Season 3

  • Night’s Watch Gear Set
  • Battle-Scarred Gear Set
  • Falcon Knight Gear Set
  • Stark Relic Gear Set
  • Kingsguard Gear Set
  • Conqueror’s Gear Set
  • Tyrell Gear Set

Trinket Crafting Flashback

During the Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition event on April 24th, you’ll have a chance to round out your Trinket Armory Collection! Here are this month’s trinket materials that will be dropping:

House Manderly

  • Ranger’s Quiver
  • Sand Steed’s Saddle
  • The Seven-Pointed Star

Valyrian Dragon

  • Dragon Claw Torque
  • Dragonlord’s Horn
  • Young Dragon’s Leash

House Baratheon

  • Book of Brothers
  • Merchant’s Medallion
  • Silk Stole

Artifacts of R’hllor

  • Gleaming Ruby Necklace
  • Arbor Red
  • Driftwood Crown

House Whent Heirlooms

  • Lover’s Favor
  • Smoldering Censer
  • Golden Hand

Warrior Women Heirlooms

  • Golden Dragon Band
  • Sextant
  • Faceless Coin

Event Schedule

Participate in this month’s events to follow the story of House Baratheon and what transpired after King Robert’s untimely death. Also, look out for Seasonal Milestone Events to climb the Seasonal Leaderboard and earn Copper Stars for exclusive rewards!

Here’s a full schedule of events for April:

House Baratheon

  • Stag King (Craft Event Gear) – April 2nd
  • Servants of Light (PvE) – April 2nd
  • False Blood (Arc Recipe) – April 5th
  • Lord of Flea Bottom (Trinket Crafting) – April 10th
  • To The Last (PvE) – April 10th
  • Long Live the King (PvE Rally) – April 15th
  • Hiding in Plain Sight (Arc Recipe) – April 23rd

Power-Up Events

  • Heroes of the Great Game (Heroes) – April 1st / April 15th / April 29th
  • The Rich Man’s Shadow (Building) – April 4th / April 25th
  • The Rise of Dragons (Dragon Training) – April 8th / April 22nd
  • The Priest’s Shadow (Research) – April 11th
  • A Maester’s Journey (Expeditions) – April 18th
  • Varys’s Riddle (Overall Power) – April 19th *Seasonal Milestone Event*


  • Three-Eyed Raven: Insight (Season 1, 2, and 3 Gear) – April 17th
  • Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition (Trinket Crafting) – April 24th


  • Breach At The Wall – April 5th *Seasonal Milestone Event*
  • The Great Hunt – April 23rd *Seasonal Milestone Event*


  • Night’s Watch Mutiny – April 3rd
  • Lord of Light – April 12th *Seasonal Milestone Event*
  • The Climb – April 20th
  • War For The Throne – April 26th *Seasonal Milestone Event*

Special Events

  • Feast of Cakes and Pies – April 9th *Seasonal Milestone Event*


Hold the banner of House Baratheon while playing Game of Thrones: Conquest on your device this month! Wallpapers available for both Desktop and Mobile!

To save on Mobile, tap and hold the image, and select “Download image”. To save on Desktop, right-click and select “Save image as…”



We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview for the month of April! If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!