May Preview – House Velaryon

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NOTICE 5/9/2024 4:40PM ET :

We previously announced an inaccurate stat for the upcoming Queen Alicent Hightower, The Dowager Queen hero. That section has been updated accordingly:

Correct: Reinforcement Capacity Vs. Seats of Power
Incorrect: Rallied Troop Capacity vs Seats of Power

We apologize for any confusion!

Hailing from Old Valyria, House Velaryon have long served as loyal allies of the Targaryens, assisting even in Aegon’s Conquest with their great fleet. So many of their line have been made Master of Ships that some jest that the title is a Velaryon birthright. Yet perhaps their most famous contributions–and profound sorrows–unfolded during the Dance of Dragons…

Look for these Featured Rewards throughout the House Velaryon event:

  • Iron Scales to craft the Tide Lord’s Battlegarb gear set
  • Master of Ships Totem Disc to craft the Master of Ships Totem trinket
  • Braavosi Loan trophies can be traded for prizes in the Recipes tab of your Inventory while the Queen Who Never Was or Flight From the Red Keep events are active
  • New Dragon Gear Set Piece: Rogue Scarlet’s Peytral
  • New Heroes: Ser Otto Hightower, Hand of the King and Queen Alicent Hightower, The Queen Dowager
  • Exclusive House of the Dragon Events and Rewards
  • Copper Stars by participating in Seasonal Milestone Events

Let’s take a closer look into what’s new in May!

New Gear Set: Tide Lord’s Battlegarb

Participate in “House Velayron” events this month to collect crafting materials for the new Tide Lord’s Battlegarb gear set! Suit up in Velayron attire to improve your Utility efficiencies in Research, Healing, Troop Training, Building, and Forging.

Here’s a featured list of stats for this month’s gear set:

  • +Healing Time Reduction
  • +Healing Cost Reduction
  • +Training Speed
  • +Forging Speed
  • +Forging Steel Cost Reduction
  • +Training Capacity
  • +Research Speed
  • +Construction Speed
  • +Keystone Cost Reduction
  • +Slate Cost Reduction *New Property*

Share your opinions with us regarding the Tide Lord’s Battlegarb gear set and how you’ll be using it in your upcoming battles. As always, you can discuss your builds and provide feedback in the #smithy channel of our Discord!

New Dragon Gear Set: Scarlet Rogue’s Peytral

In May, the start of the Scarlet Rogue Dragon Gear Set arrives in Game of Thrones: Conquest! On May 20th, you will be able to begin crafting the Scarlet Rogue’s Peytral to enhance your Dragon Ranged Combat against Seats of Power.

To learn more about Dragon Gear, visit:

New Heroes: Ser Otto Hightower and Queen Alicent Hightower

House of the Dragon is coming to Game of Thrones: Conquest in May! Begin collecting Hero Relics for Ser Otto Hightower, Hand of the King and Queen Alicent Hightower, The Dowager Queen on May 13th.

Let’s go over their skills and focuses:

As his title suggests, Ser Otto Hightower, Hand of the King is seated as the Hand on your Small Council and his bonuses are centered around Infantry Defense. He’ll best serve your council while your rallying against other players’ Seats of Power, Infantry Troops, or Cavalry Troops.

Here’s a full overview of his skills:

  • Signature Skill 1 | March | Max March Size
  • Signature Skill 2 | Council | Infantry Defense Vs. Players Seat of Power
  • Skill 1 | March | Marcher Infantry Health Vs. Players
  • Skill 2 | Council | Infantry Defense Vs. Players Infantry
  • Skill 3 | March | Marcher Infantry Attack Vs. Players
  • Skill 4 | Council | Infantry Defense Vs. Players Cavalry
  • Skill 5 | Council | Defender Health

Queen Alicent Hightower, The Dowager Queen is this month’s featured Mythic hero! Seated as the Master of Laws on your Small Council, she will provide you with stronger Cavalry Attack capabilities while engaging with other Players. She’ll also help expand your March and Rallied Troop Capacities for more impactful hits!

Here’s a full overview of her skills:

  • Signature Skill 1 | March | Max March Size
  • Signature Skill 2 | Council | Cavalry Attack Vs. Players
  • Skill 1 | March | Cavalry Attack Vs. Players Infantry
  • Skill 2 | Council | March Size Vs. Players
  • Skill 3 | March | Marcher Troop Attack Vs. Players
  • Skill 4 | Council | Cavalry Attack Vs. Players Cavalry
  • Skill 5 | Council | Marcher Cavalry Attack Vs. Players
  • Skill 6 | Council | Reinforcement Capacity Vs. Seats of Power

House of the Dragon Event and Rewards Preview

With House of the Dragon Season 2 premiering soon on June 16th on Max, we’ll be celebrating in-game with House of the Dragon themed monthly event arcs, gear sets, heroes, exclusive rewards, and more!

Here’s a quick taste of what’s to come:

New Mini-Arcs

Starting on May 13th, House of the Dragon themed mini-arc events will be available to play in-game! Each mini-arc will run for 2 weeks and will consist of a Hero and a Dragon event. With 7 mini-arcs in total, the first 3 will recap the events that have occurred in Season 1 and the last 4 will relate directly to the episodes that will air for Season 2. Play as you watch!

New Dragon Themed Gifting Event

More info to come later this month!

New Rewards and Cosmetics

Participating in the new Mini-Arcs and completing your Daily Quests will earn you exclusive rewards. These include Syrax and Caraxes Hero Cards, new March Pawns, and over 140+ new cosmetics for your Dragon and Banner customizations. We’ll go into the specifics in a later blog!

Visual Overhaul

You’ll see some new visual changes around the game as you play the House of the Dragon content! Your city and Combat Map may appear a bit more yellow with our applied “House of the Dragon Color Grading”. It’s like you’re traveling to the past to the Westeros during the Targaryen reign.

There will be other visual surprises that will appear as you play, but we want you to discover them for yourselves!

Gear Seasons 4, 5, and 6 Crafting Flashback

On May 15th, gear crafting caravans will return to the Combat Map to drop Seasons 4, 5, and 6 crafting materials. Be sure to participate in the Three-Eyed Raven event to catch up on your Armory Collection!

Here are all of the gear sets you’ll be able to craft:

Season 4

  • Baelish Gear Set
  • Thorned Bride Gear Set
  • Faceless Men Gear Set
  • Dragonkeeper Gear Set
  • Brotherhood Archer Gear Set
  • Tyrion Gear Set
  • Usurper Gear Set

Season 5

  • Dornish Royal Gear Set
  • Lost Ranger’s Gear Set
  • Crow Slayer Gear Set
  • Keep Architect Gear Set
  • War Hound Gear Set
  • Tourney Queen Gear Set
  • Fiery Zealot Gear Set

Season 6

  • Queen of Lions Gear Set
  • Drowned Disciples Gear Set
  • Unleashed Warrior Gear Set
  • Crannogman Trapper Gear Set
  • Northern Guardian Gear Set
  • Rimed Revenant Gear Set
  • High Garden Socialite Gear Set

Trinket Crafting Flashback

During the Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition event on May 22nd, you’ll have a chance to round out your Trinket Armory Collection! Here are this month’s trinket materials that will be dropping:

House Stark

  • Artisan’s Compass
  • Smuggler’s Knot
  • Gelding Knife

House Lannister

  • Rough-Sewn Eyepatch
  • Wine-Stained Tome
  • Bloodied Crown

House Greyjoy

  • Sapper’s Lantern
  • Shark’s Tooth
  • Septa’s Bell

Artifacts of Astapor

  • Chain-Breaker’s Sigil
  • Kindled Pinecone
  • Direwolf Statue

Night’s Watch Artifacts

  • Wheeled Chair
  • Smithy’s Tools
  • Counting Abacus

Event Schedule

Participate in this month’s events to follow the story of House Velaryon and catch up on some of the epic moments from the first season of House of the Dragon! Also, look out for Seasonal Milestone Events to climb the Seasonal Leaderboard and earn Copper Stars for exclusive rewards.

Here’s a full schedule of events for May:

House Velaryon

  • The Sea Snake (Craft Event Gear) – April 30th
  • The Velaryon Fleet (PvE) – April 30th
  • The Queen Who Never Was (Arc Recipe) – May 3rd
  • The Snake, The Dragon, and The Crab (Trinket Crafting) – May 7th
  • By Blood and By Bond (PvE) – May 7th
  • Ebb and Flow (PvE Rally) – May 13th
  • Flight From the Red Keep (Arc Recipe) – May 22nd

Power-Up Events

  • The Priest’s Shadow (Research) – May 2nd
  • The Rise of Dragons (Dragon Training) – May 6th / May 20th *HoTD*
  • The Stranger’s Eyes (Memorial Shrine) May 7th *Seasonal Milestone Event*
  • The Rich Man’s Shadow (Building) – May 9th
  • Heroes of the Great Game (Heroes) – May 13th *HoTD* / May 27th *HoTD*
  • A Maester’s Journey (Expeditions) – May 16th
  • Varys’s Riddle (Overall Power) – May 17th / May 31st *Seasonal Milestone Event*


  • Three-Eyed Raven: Insight (Season 4, 5, and 6 Gear) – May 15th
  • Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition (Trinket Crafting) – May 22nd


  • Breach At The Wall – May 3rd *Seasonal Milestone Event*
  • The Great Hunt – May 21st *Seasonal Milestone Event*
  • Test Your Mettle – May 18th


  • Children of the Forest – May 1st / May 29th
  • Profit From Chaos – May 10th *Seasonal Milestone Event*
  • The Climb – May 18th
  • War For The Throne – May 24th *Seasonal Milestone Event*

Special Events

  • Festival of the Mother – May 9th
  • Dragon’s Delight – TBA


Represent the strength of the most powerful fleet of the Seven Kingdoms by applying these House Velaryon wallpapers! Available for both Desktop and Mobile.

To save on Mobile, tap and hold the image, and select “Download image”. To save on Desktop, right-click and select “Save image as…”



We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview for the month of May! If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!