Draft of Dragons – A Season 2 Watch-Along game!

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Are you excited for House of the Dragon Season 2, airing June 16th on Max? Well, so are we, and we want to share a fun way to get even more involved in all the action.

Draft of Dragons is a standalone companion game that requires minimal setup but adds another layer of enjoyment and competitiveness to your watching experience. 

Read on to learn more, or use the printable worksheets below to play!

How it works

First, you’ll need to get together some friends, family, or maybe even some of your allegiance mates from Game of Thrones: Conquest to play with! 

We recommend 2-4 players/teams. The number of players will determine how many characters/dragons you can draft for each team.

  • 2 teams = draft 8 characters/2 dragons per team
  • 3 teams = Draft 6 characters/2 dragons per team
  • 4 teams = draft 4 Characters/2 dragons per team 

Tip: You can play with more than 4 teams, but it will reduce the number of characters/dragons on each team. Alternatively, you can create separate leagues, running a separate draft for each. For example, if you had 8 players, you could create 2 leagues of 4 teams.

Have fun with your teams – Give them each a name, think up a crest for your house flag, and what your house words might be if you were a noble House of Westeros!

Running your own Fantasy Draft

Now that you have your players, it’s time to get together to draft your teams! 

You can do this in person, or asynchronously through messaging. The most important thing is to have someone keeping track of what characters are available/taken, and that you go in your assigned draft order.

Tip: Use the printable worksheet to cross off names as they are drafted, and keep track of your teams! 

  • Roll a dice to determine a draft order for each team. 
  • Take Turns drafting one character or dragon at a time until teams are full. 
    • It is recommended to use a snaking order for your draft picks. For example, if you have 4 teams, draft order would go 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1… and so on)
  • Once a character or dragon has been added to a team, they are removed from the draftable pool and cannot be claimed by any other team.
  • Keep track of the character to dragon ratios recommended above to ensure you don’t have a team of only characters or only dragons – unless that’s a house rule you want to allow!

Tip: If you’re not sure who to draft on your turn, look through the possible points below and think about who might do the most of those actions this season. When in doubt, selecting the highest ranked character or dragon left on the list is generally a good choice. There’s no way to know who will earn the most points though, so the uncertainty is part of the fun!

How to earn Points

Now that you have your teams drafted, the hardest part is done! The rest is up to your characters to earn you points based on their actions in each episode.

Characters can earn or lose points for…

1 point / 3 points|Take a drink / Finish a drink
2 points( Up To 6 for a Mass Kill)|Execute a confirmed kill (unnamed/minor character)
10 points|Execute a confirmed kill (major character)
Half kill points|Order a character to execute a kill on your behalf
5 points|Lead and achieve a victory in battle
3 points|Participate in a battle on the winning side
10 points|Say the words of any House (not just their own)
5 points|Execute a bribe/transfer of gold
5 points|Perform a major act of valor
5 points|Perform a major act of treachery (coup, backstabbing, etc.)
5 points|Sit on the iron throne (not reigning monarch)
1 points|Sit on the iron throne (as reigning monarch)
10 points|Bond with a dragon (become a dragon rider)
15 points|Kill a dragon
-5 Points|Die
-5 modifier|Killed by a dragon
-5 points|Dragon rider’s Dragon dies
-half points potentially earned|Fail an attempt at something that earns Points

Dragons can earn or lose points for…

2 point (Up To 6 for Mass Kills)|Execute a confirmed kill (unnamed/minor character)
10 points|Execute a confirmed kill (major character)
15 Points|Execute a confirmed kill (Dragon)
2 points|Use Fire Breath
3 points|Eat
2 points (+)|Take flight with rider (+1 for each additional guest rider)
10 points|Bonds with a new rider
5 points|Successfully defends their rider from attack/death
-10 points|Die
-5 pointsDragon’s rider dies

Check back to #draft-of-dragons channel in discord each week to see updated scores for each character! You will need to add up all the characters/dragons’ scores to get your full team score.

How to win

The winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the season!

All Must Choose

Don’t forget to join the #draft-of-dragons channel on the Game of Thrones: Conquest official community Discord to get score updates weekly and chat with other players to see how games are going in other corners of the community!

The HBO original series House of the Dragon Season 2 premieres June 16 on Max – new episodes every Sunday!