Release Notes 2024_06

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New and Upcoming 

Our tutorial has been updated! New players will now experience a new narrative experience and cinematic to Game of Thrones: Conquest. Thank you to our Ambassadors in our Court & Council for previewing this experience before it was made public.

  • Included in this update, we’ve added new gear and heroes specifically for players completing the tutorial. You can find the ‘Ceremonial Targaryen Warlord’ set in your smithy, and Heroes Rhaenyra Targaryen “The Realm’s Delight” and Alicent Hightower, “Devoted Light” as potential summons in the Tower of the Hand.

Dragon Armory is here! This new addition to Game of Thrones: Conquest offers a valuable way to utilize excess Dragon Gear.  Learn more about this new feature, and the Q&A session we hosted with developers from the Dragon Armory team on the blog!

You can now bind your Game of Thrones: Conquest profile to the cloud via your WB Games Account. Doing so will reward you with 2,000 Syrax Hero Relics!

Bug Fixes       

  • Having more than 2.2 billion of a single crafting material would display nothing while in the forge.
  • During the Train Troops panel tutorial, buttons may not have directed players to the appropriate location.
  • The PvE Victory & Defeat overlays would display incorrect enemy icons when defeated.
  • Users could experience crashes while trying to log into their Game Center bound account on older iOS devices.
  • Players saving coordinates with the bookmark feature didn’t see the save coordinate highlight to indicate they were brought to the correct location.
  • Tapping an occupied Seat of Power via the Seat of Power panel would briefly show a player’s liege instead of the player who occupies the Seat of Power.
  • Some colors may have appeared mismatched on a player’s roof keep tiles.
  • Users could experience difficulties using Facebook to bind their accounts if the Facebook app was installed on their device.
  • Backgrounding the game immediately after selecting ‘Create New Account’ under Settings incorrectly triggered a disconnect prompt.
  • Backend improvements done to syncing, loading and the tutorial.
  • Localization and text out-of-bound errors were fixed in multiple languages.