Daily Quests & Login Rewards

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The easiest and most consistent way to earn resources in Game of Thrones: Conquest is to collect your Login Rewards, and to complete your Daily Quests. With this guide in hand, you should have everything you need to be able to maximize your rewards, and lay a solid groundwork to become one of the greatest of the great Houses.

Login Rewards

In order to accumulate daily rewards for logging in, you first need to build a Tavern. You can build one for free near your Keep early in the game—just look for the icon shaped like a goblet. You won’t be able to claim login rewards at all until your Tavern is complete, so be sure and build it early!

The first time you open up Game of Thrones: Conquest each day your Login Rewards should pop up automatically, but if you need to find them again, the icon above the Tavern indicates that there are rewards waiting to be claimed. Once you tap on the Tavern, Lord Varys will greet you with an itemized breakdown of your rewards:

As long as you continue to log in and collect your rewards at least once every day, you’ll continue to receive the next day’s reward from the Tavern each time. If you miss a day, the counter will reset and the next time you log in you’ll receive the “Day 1” rewards again. You can pick up valuable resources and boosts this way, including gold if you’re patient and consistent!

Cumulative Rewards

The Daily Login rewards aren’t the only ones available from the Tavern—be sure and also check the ‘Cumulative” tab on the top right. Unlike the Daily Login Rewards, the Cumulative Login Rewards are not streak-based, so each time you log in you’ll receive the next one in the series.

You can click on any of the Cumulative Rewards boxes to see what they contain.

You can get valuable boosts this way, including Peace Shields, and every 25 days you receive a hefty chest full of gold as the reward!

Daily Quests

Login Rewards include valuable resources, but those alone won’t be enough to build you a keep and an army. If you really want to start to fill your coffers, you’re going to want to complete your Daily Quests.

You can access them at any time by tapping the Daily Quests icon on the bottom of your screen.

Your Daily Quests are all made up of mostly typical, frequently completed tasks—things like “Gather Wood” or “Heal Troops.” However, some tasks like “Craft Equipment” are not as likely to be completed each day, so you’ll need to plan ahead. Each Quest is laid out in a roughly similar format:

The title of the quest—in this case “Kill Creatures”—lets you know what you need to do in order to complete it. Below that is the points value which are needed to unlock reward chests—we’ll talk more about that later in the guide.

Underneath this is the progress bar. This shows you how close you are to completing the quest, as well as how many creatures you need to kill. The empty star icons above the progress bar indicate how many times you’ve completed the quest that day. You can complete most quests three times daily, and often they will increase in difficulty the more you do them, but this will also result in increased points.

All Daily Quests reward you House Prestige, contributing to the House Prestige level on your profile, and higher tier rewards provide more House Prestige with each completion. This level is critical to your advancement in the game—think of your House Prestige points as your characters primary experience bars. If you want to learn more about that, check out our Progression Pillars guide.

Across the top of the Daily Quests reward screen is a list of your primary rewards for completing Daily Quests:

As you earn points by completing Daily Quests, these additional chests unlock. There are 7 Tiers of chest rewards that you can unlock each day. The more points you earn, the more of these chests you can open, and the more rewards you receive. You can click on each one of the treasure boxes to see the contents. The first reward includes Gold, Dragon Lore, and House Prestige, while the higher tier rewards can include boosts as well as rare and valuable resources.

Tip: The reward chests in the Daily Quest screen are one of the few consistent ways of acquiring Dragon Lore, so be sure to unlock as many as you can! You’ll learn more about the importance of Dragon Lore in our Dragon Talents and Research guide.

Tip: Keep an eye out for quest multipliers! Each day you will be assigned three quests that have special multipliers which make them reward extra points. This should inform where you focus your efforts to unlock those reward chests as quickly as possible!