Progression Pillars

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In Game of Thrones: Conquest, there are three main ways that you can progress your Kingdom:

  • House – By collecting House Prestige, which is essentially the experience bar for raising the level of your character, always referred to as “house level”.
  • Research – By advancing the research in your Military, City Defense, Logistics, Economy, or Dragon trees.
  • Buildings – By advancing your Keep level, which is directly tied to your ability to upgrade other buildings in your city.

In this guide we will break down what advancement in each of these three areas will do to increase your strength, what kind of special resources you’ll need to gather, and how to optimize for the most efficient advancement in these areas.

House Progression

You start the game at House level 1 and while you play you will earn House Prestige which functions as experience. House level 50 is the highest level you can obtain.  There are several ways to gain House Prestige, but the most consistently steady way is to be constantly killing creatures as you have stamina to do so.

Hunting Creatures

Whether you are hunting Bandit Camps, Boar’s Dens or Event Caravans, killing creatures is largely the most consistent way to be constantly increasing your house prestige. If you have stamina and an idle army, they should be marching on a creature of the highest level that you’re able to slay. Use the creature reward sheet below to understand the breakdown of House Prestige you can gain with each creature you defeat in battle.

Note: This cheat sheet doesn’t include special creatures that go higher than level 30, but rewards for killing those go up exponentially.

Daily Quests

Completing your daily quests is another consistent way to gain House Prestige. You earn small House Prestige rewards for each quest tier that you complete, and then larger rewards as you reach quest completion milestone tiers.

Tyrion Quests

Some of the quests that Tyrion wants you to complete are worth an absurd amount of House Prestige. While this isn’t a consistent way to gain House Prestige once you reach the mid game, making sure to complete his quest can have a big impact early on. Pay attention to the top “Recommended” quest, and do what you can to complete those as soon as possible.

Advancing the level of your House directly influences the level and subsequent power of the gear that you can wear. The level of the gear you craft becomes more and more important as the game progresses; much more so than the rarity quality of the item itself. For example, the stats you get for crafting a level 25 item at legendary rarity quality is about the same as an item crafted at level 30 with common rarity quality. Want to know more about crafting gear? Check out our Introduction to Forging Gear guide.

Tip: You can find consumable Prestige Growth Items from Daily and Cumulative Login Rewards. These can be found in your inventory under the Utility tab.

Building Progression

Upgrading your buildings is without question the most important way to progress in Game of Thrones Conquest. Every single aspect of how you become more powerful is tied to how far advanced your buildings are. If you haven’t already seen our Building Types and Nuances guide, this would be an excellent time to check that out. In order to upgrade your buildings to a higher level, you’ll need resources such as food, wood, stone and iron, in addition to building materials such as Brick, Soldier Pine, Keystone and Valyrian Stone. Farming the required building materials to upgrade your buildings becomes much harder as you progress, so you’ll want to collect these whenever you have the opportunity to do so. You can collect these by participating in events, doing quests and killing certain types of Creatures. We’ve covered the optimal way to collect the resources in our Farming Resources guide, but you’ll want to check out our Advanced Building Guide to learn more about the optimal way to farm building materials.

Building Enhancements gives each player the ability to improve the power that you get from each building. Using special resources Slate for the early stages of building enhancements, and then Marble for the more advanced stages. Each building can be upgraded to provide one or all of three different stat buffs per building. For example, the GIF below shows the enhancement options and costs for some of the lower level Range enhancement options.

Research Progression

Keeping your Maester population well supplied and constantly busy is a crucial part of your Kingdom’s Progression in Game of Thrones: Conquest. There are two different trees that will require your Maester’s attention:

  • (Miltary I, Military II, City Defense, Logistics, Economy, Adv. Military)
  • (Nurturing, Hatchling, Whelp, Adolescent, Adult)

All research in the primary tree will require special resources that you can get from killing creatures, participating in events, and other such activities. These resources are Scholarly Fragments, Pale Steel Shards and Red Gold Flake. The most abundantly used of these resources are Scholarly Fragments and Pale Steel Shards, which can be consistently farmed from weekly Caravan Events. You can farm Scholarly Fragments from Caravans on Mondays and Pale Steel Shards from Caravans on Wednesdays respectively.

For Dragon research you’ll need Dragon Lore in addition to the other research materials mentioned above. These are best farmed by completing all of your daily quests, and through various events. Later in the game, you’ll also need to collect Dragon Secrets for the higher-level Dragon research. You can learn more about this in our Dragon Talents and Research guide.

That concludes our Game of Thrones Conquest guide on the pillars of player progression. Be sure to share this guide with newer members of your Allegiance to help prepare them for the wars to come.