Introduction to Forging Gear

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Crafting gear in Game of Thrones: Conquest isn’t just for style, it’s an essential aspect for boosting your in-game stats. There’s an abundance of different equipment options out there which confer power boosts to your Kingdom, from healing your troops to training them faster, defending against incoming attacks, reducing building and research resource requirements, and so on. Gear can even improve your crafting. Getting started with crafting can seem complex, and there are many factors to consider when doing so. This guide will explain crafting basics that will aid you in crafting your first set of armor. Additionally, it will entail some best practices and tips in order to get you on the right foot from the get-go, so that you’ll don the finest armor and weaponry one day!


Equipment can have six different qualities – in order from lowest to highest, there are Poor, Common, Fine, Exquisite, Epic and Legendary qualities of Equipment. The different factors in ensuring optimal quality are the quality of the item you’re using in the crafting action itself, the quality of the materials you’re using and also the quantity of materials used as well.

There are two different types of Materials for crafting items: Basic Materials and Advanced Materials.

Basic Materials can be obtained in a number of different ways. You can get them from killing creatures, from progression rewards from events and also from Allegiance Gifts, see our Importance of Allegiances guide for more information on that. Basic Materials are required for crafting every item, so it is important that you use these strategically. We recommend planning out which items you want to craft before you start, and then do some math to determine how much of each of the Basic Materials you will need to complete all of the items at the quality you desire.

Advanced Materials are harder to come by and used to craft Event Gear. Each type of Advanced Material is used to craft specific armor sets, and can be obtained from rewards that you get by participating in Events, killing certain Event Creatures, from Shipments that you can collect at your Great Hall during certain events, and through occasional offers in the store.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

You may find some limitations at first between House levels 1 – 5 due to being limited in the materials you can use for crafting. Additionally, players only get one option to craft at House level 1. Therefore, it may be prudent to craft a full set of equipment at the highest affordable quality possible. Later on, you can use that gear as templates for level 5 equipment, and so forth. For example, crafting six pieces of Level 1 Legendary quality gear can then be used as templates to craft Legendary Level 5 gear, and you can keep going until you reach your goal!

Templates Vs. Equipment

A common point of confusion when first starting on your crafting journey is the assumption you need to spend Gold on a gear template in order to craft items, which isn’t the case! You can also opt to ‘sacrifice’ a piece of your own equipment in order to craft something new. It’s to note that starting at equipment level 5, the quality of that piece of equipment which is destroyed is factored into your chances for producing optimal quality, which means that, for example, using all Legendary materials and a Common quality helmet may in fact result in a lower-quality final product. You can certainly gamble by purchasing a high-quality template, and then using low quality materials — but it’s often best to save your Gold for other strategic purposes.


The quality of the gear you’re crafting is important, but so is being effective with the materials which are required. Using poor quality materials often won’t produce a favorable result as the odds will not be in your favor. While it may seem tempting to gamble in a craft when the odds of quality seem high – let’s say 85% or so, for example – it’s also a good idea to manage one’s expectations. After all, there’s no statistical limit for the number of times one could roll a six-sided dice and land on a 1 each time, and the same applies for other odds-based systems like crafting in Game of Thrones: Conquest.

Utility Gear Sets

As some gear can grant bonuses to important activities, such as crafting, healing your army, research, building and more. One of the more beneficial early utility sets to consider crafting is one that provides bonuses to Steel efficiency. Steel can get pretty expensive, so opting for making sure you have a bonus-specific set of equipment can yield maximum results and help you conserve precious materials. Just make sure that you’re wearing your utility gear that provides you with Steel efficiency before you craft any equipment, as that’s the only way the efficiency bonuses will be conferred! You can learn more about the different utility sets you can craft in our Advanced Gear Forging & Armory guide.

Tip: Don’t forget that if you or your Allegiance member control a Seat of Power, the Regional Bonuses from that Seat can also confer benefits to Steel Crafting Efficiency, from a total of 8 – 11%. An awesome example of this is Storm’s End, which gives a whopping 20% efficiency bonus! Learn more about this in our Boost Center & Buffs guide.

Farming, Farming and Prayer

Taking advantage of the world map by attacking a lot of special event creatures, such as Caravans, can be of use here, as these have very good steel bonuses. It’s also a good idea as well to pray for Steel at the shrine as much as you can in the beginning as you’re beginning to craft armor. For a more in-depth guide to farming resources, be sure to check out our Farming Resources guide.

The Armory

The Armory in Game of Thrones: Conquest is a section where players can show off previously-crafted equipment and make use of gear they no longer need. This provides stackable buffs that can further aid you in many aspects of gameplay, from training or healing efficiency and yes, steel crafting efficiency as well! Navigating the nuances of the Armory can be a bit tricky and complex at first, so be sure to give our Advanced Gear Forging & Armory guide a look in order to get the best advantage possible!