Managing your Military

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Proper military management in Game of Thrones: Conquest requires discipline and careful attention to your training output, resources outside of your storehouse which will be vulnerable to upkeep, and then of course the men and women in your military who have become wounded during battle with creatures or players alike. The lessons contained in this guide should better equip you with the information required to build a military worthy of the Iron Throne.


Building up your Army

If you’re looking to gain significant numbers in a short period of time (often called “troop printing” by players), there are several ways to cut down on costs.

Taking Advantage of Events

Before you do any big training pushes, check if there is a Training Event going on during the week. Always wait for these events to build your troops up. You’ll get extra resources as you go to stretch what you have further.


There are several available at different Seats of Power that will help you train your army. Even some smaller seats can offer big reductions in training speed! Check our Seats of Power guide for more information on which could be useful to you.

Adjusting your Small council

Some Heroes offer benefits in Resource Cost Efficiency when training, as well as speed and capacity boosts! This is currently the only way to offset resource costs for your training sessions.

Below, for example, shows the reduction in Food costs that Eddard Stark offers:

This may seem like a small amount, but scaling this over time can result in significant gains. Take for instance this 3.2% gain in Food Cost Efficiency when applied to Tier 10 Infantry. This saves 18 pieces of grain per troop but over One Million troops trained the savings are over 17.5 Million in food!

Even small reductions can have a larger effect over time, so take a glance through the heroes at your service and adjust your small council a bit to who best can advise you on matters of training!

Consistent Training Practices

If you’re hurting from battles & are bleeding troops each week, you may want to consider looking at your daily training practices. Your daily routine should keep your army replenished for the week’s skirmishes! Your goal should be to be able to keep troops cooking daily without depleting your resource stores. Once you have this self-sustaining setup, you could always have the option to take a breather from battle for a couple days or weeks and bounce back from rougher hits.

Adjusting Resource Production

Building up your farms and other resource plots will be just as important for this as building up your tents. If you can keep your troops training constantly without opening resource boxes you are in an ideal place.

Take note of how often you can train a full round of your Main & Secondary troops, and how many resources each requires for a session. Then tally up your resource production and see if this covers your needs. You can check your production by tapping on the board at the entrance of your bridge into town within your keep.

You’ll also be able to view your Estimated Upkeep here, which we’ll discuss more in the example below…


I can train 1638 each of T10 Infantry & Siege every 17 hours at the below costs-

597,870 Food + 440,622 Food = 1,038,492

288,288 Wood + 574,938 Wood = 863,266

67,158 Stone + 85,176 Stone = 152,334

31,122 Iron + 21,294 Iron = 52,416

My Income per hour is as below-

128,267 Food (x 17 hours = 2,180,539)

161,131 Wood (x 17 hours = 2,739,227)

1,868 Stone (x 17 hours = 31,756)

1,288 Iron (x 17 hours = 21,896)

You can see that with my current setup, in order to have constant training, I would have an excess of Food & Wood production but a deficit of Stone & Iron production. To offset this, we suggest that you slowly trade a few lower-level sawmills for Stone Quarries & Iron Mines, and while you ate doing that you should also be looking for resource nodes on the game map to gather from in order to offset reductions in resource income.

Troop Type Focus

Different troop types take more of some resources than others. Check what the highest resource costs involved with your main troop type and focus on building those up.

Below chart shows the costs of training one of each troop type from T7 through T11. Here you can see that Cavalry is the most Food-intensive troop through T10, with Range costing the most only at Tier 11. Infantry however is more Wood & Stone heavy than most, training Wood for Iron at Tier 8. Range takes the least amount of Stone to train. Siege equipment takes a lot of Wood to construct.

Keeping this in mind, if you’re focusing on Infantry & Siege troops, you may consider trading some Farm plots for Stone Quarries and Sawmills. If your focus is Cavalry with a Range secondary troop on the other hand then Farm, Farm, Farm!


The bigger your Army gets the quicker they will eat up your open Food stores. This is no cause for concern though, as there are ways to manage this aptly without too much trouble.

You can view your troop upkeep from the income board we mentioned above. Any march movements will trigger that amount of food at the hourly rate listed to be depleted from your open food. Having an hour of time elapse while playing, losing internet connection, or closing and reopening the app will also trigger the upkeep.

Managing your Food Stores

The higher your Storehouse level is, the more Protected Food stores you will have that your troops will not touch. You can check your level of protected resources in your profile stats tab. Know this amount so you don’t keep food in excess of this when performing any of the above actions. Wait til your Farms are full and troop’s ready to train to collect food above this amount so you can use it right away!

Managing Food while Farming other Players

If you’re raiding an enemy keep for food, gear & research to increase troop load and decrease upkeep will cut down on the food your troops will eat up whilst they’re marching back to your keep. Try to use up the excess food immediately between raiding marches so that they don’t eat it all up!

Starving Troops

Don’t worry! Your brave men & women won’t starve if they don’t have food to eat. They may get a little surly with you or spend more time at the pub though!

Keeping Troops Active

Your troops are good for more than just fighting. When you’re not marching them to battle, keep them active Farming Resources for you. Even when you’re not playing, they can be put to use gathering or reinforcing your active teammates’ keeps and SoP’s. They will be safe gathering basic resources, but be sure if you’re reinforcing that you trust your teammates to protect them or send them home if in grave peril.

Wounded Troops

It is much more cost effective to heal wounded troops then to train new ones, so be sure to take care of your wounded men & women by keeping your tent capacity as high as you can.

Increasing Med Tent Capacity

You can do this by increasing the upgrade level and quantity of your Medic Tents, as well as through most aspects of gameplay in small amounts.

Logistics Research called Triage offers the largest gains.

Dragon Talents in Hatchling tree, select Gear pieces, as well as some Heroes, all offer small gains as well, but be sure to be selective and thoughtful about what you stand to gain and lose with each choice! Learn more about this in the Dragon Talents & Research guide.

Checking Tents

In the heat of battle, it can be difficult to keep track of how many losses you may be taking all together. Be sure to check your tents frequently to ensure they are not full, as once they are full and start turning away troops they will perish immediately without proper care and tending.

You can view your tents one of two ways:

Within your keep, you can tap any of your med tents & select “Heal”.

When on the game map, if you have wounded troops in your tents it will come up as an option at the top of your march menu at the right of your screen.

From here, you can view your amount and type of wounded troops, your total capacity at the time, and your resource cost for healing them which will show as adjusted based any healing efficiency boosts you have active at the moment.

Healing Efficiency & Speed

We’ve touched on the advantages of this in our Advanced Gear Forging & Armory guide. Be sure to take full advantage of these boosts whenever you can to help manage your troop maintenance costs!

Overall, your military training and healing costs can be quite high, but as you can see being mindful & managing these costs is an integral part of gameplay and strategy.