Recovering from a Zero Guide

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“I’ve been Zero’d! Now what?!” Well, this can be a jarring and devastating experience. While it may seem at first glance that all your time and hard work has vanished in an instant; this isn’t the end for you. Your troops may be gone but investment in your keep, buildings & statistics and the knowledge you’ve gained of the game are still intact. Take a deep breath & rebuild!

Immediate Actions

Taking Advantage of Events

Before you do anything to heal or rebuild, check what events are going on during the week.

Healing your full medic tents can earn you points towards some PvP events.

While you should always have troops queued for training, we recommend that you wait for a Training event to build your troops back up rapidly with the “Train Now” button, this is often referred to as “printing”. You’ll get extra resources as you go to stretch what you have further than you would have been able to otherwise.

Allegiance Support

Your Allegiance is not only there for help in battle. You’ll often find that the help you give them in the fray will come back to you in times of need. Look to them for support.


There are several available at different Seats of Power that will help you Heal, Train, & even rebuild your store of resources through Production & Gathering. Even some small seats can offer big reductions in those costs! Check our Seats of Power guide for more information on which could be useful to you.


Several events and packs give giftable items of resources, boosts, or gold which can help in rebuilding your army. Players in your allegiance may be holding onto them for such an occasion. If you’ve recently been zeroed, don’t keep it to yourself, seek out help from your allies!

Count the Casualties

Your troops died fighting. Once you’ve shaken off the sting of defeat, look back at the battle reports and relish the enemy troops that were killed in their efforts to take you down! If you followed our advice that we shared in the My City is Under Siege guide, then hopefully you have plenty of wounded troops that you can heal. Post the reports for your allegiance mates to both study and learn from, and to toast the fallen soldiers’ strength!

Long-Term Plans

As with any game of strategy, playing the long game will put you in a more secure position than thinking in the short-term. Troops are only one part of the equation when it comes to the Game of Thrones. Focusing on the relationships you’ve built and honing your skills & strengths in other areas of the game will make you an integral player no matter your troop strength.

Consider Keep Growth

If you’re close to unlocking the next troop tier, or even if a faraway seeming goal, waiting to rebuild your army until you reach it may be a satisfying option. After all, once you reach the next Tier, your new troops’ power will dwarf those that perished so valiantly in defense! Though they would have still served a purpose in defending your keep from further attacks, you will only want to fight with the higher level troops once you’re able. Those that were killed will eventually seem like a distant memory.

Alternatively, if the next Tier is not in your sights, buckle down and focus the energy you would have put into fighting into rebuilding your resource stocks for troop training.

Tip: Some of your troops can be protected from combat by sending them on a long resource gathering march. You can learn more about this and other techniques in our Top 10 Beginner Tips guide.

Saving Your Peace Shields

Save your Peace Shields for the future if you can. Keep open resources low & send your troops out to gather or reinforce your shielded teammates and locked SoP’s so that your keep isn’t vulnerable to further attacks. Use this time being less vulnerable to your advantage.

Your Role in the Allegiance

Find new ways to contribute to your Allegiance other than sending your troops to their aid! You can still be of use and have fun through Reconnaissance & Organization efforts and through contributing to Strategy. If you’re in doubt or at a loss for what to do, reach out to your T1 and Council members to see what you can do to be of more use to your Allegiance members. Most will point you toward finding and sniping strategic positions at Seats of Power and scanning the map for enemy targets and offensive maneuvers. After all, this is the Game of Thrones…

“A very small man can cast a very large shadow.” – Lord Varys