Top 10 Beginner Tips

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Westeros can be a scary place and making mistakes can be costly. We recommend every new player read these simple tips—they may save you from a crucial mistake down the line!

  1. Join an Allegiance early: Leaving aside the many other benefits of working in a group, the best way to learn is from players who have more experience than you do. As helpful as guides can be, nothing can replace the value of having a mentor—or several—to help you. But don’t be afraid to be choosy! You depend on the other member of your Allegiance for help, protection, and wisdom…so if you don’t get along with them, find a group that matches your playstyle more closely! Check out our Importance of Allegiances guide for more information.
  1. Complete Daily Quests: Daily quests are a critical source of resources, especially in the early game. While the prestige rewards for the individual quests are small, the treasure chest rewards are extremely lucrative. If you can, try and unlock the maximum tier treasure chest every day. In addition, don’t neglect the login bonuses! You can read more about this in our Daily Quests & Login Rewards guide.
  1. Security through obscurity: If you wish to escape being attacked by other players, often the best way to do it is to make sure you don’t draw attention to yourself. This can mean using Teleports to remove yourself from high traffic areas, or by hiding plain sight in an area with lots of other new players.
  1. Watch out for PvP Events: Peace Shields are a finite resource, and you may need to make tough decisions about when to use them. Remember that most of the time, the only reason to attack your Keep is to steal your resources, and you can minimize this risk by staying hidden and not keeping too many resources on hand. During PVP events, though, players are directly rewarded for getting into battles with other players. Saving your Peace Shields for these events is going to save you from becoming a target for someone much larger than yourself on the prowl for easy victories. You can also keep your army busy on long marches to resource nodes such as the Farm, Lumber Camp, Stone Quarry or Iron Mine. Be warned though, sending your troops on a long march to a faraway destination will leave a clear trail that other players can follow back to your Keep.
  1. Don’t neglect your Medic Tents: It’s four times as expensive to train a brand new troop as it is to heal one that’s been wounded, but the number of wounded troops you can heal depends on how many Medic Tents you have. Don’t forget also that you can increase this number using the “Red Priest” research at the Maester’s Tower.
  1. Focus on higher tier troops: The difference in power between a Tier 2 troop and a Tier 3 troop is significant. This trend will continue throughout your army building progression. Lower tier troops can have their place—especially since they’re the first to die in battle, preserving the lives of your more valuable troops—but it’s rarely wise to spend too much time training lower tier troops once you’ve unlocked the next. It is recommended that you focus on unlocking higher tier troops as quickly as you can.
  1. Don’t hoard your resources: Your Storehouse protects your resources from being stolen by raids, but it can only protect as much as it can hold, and any player with large amounts of resources outside the Storehouse make themselves a juicy target. If you’re opening Resource Boxes from your inventory, be careful only to open the ones you need—Resource Boxes can’t be stolen in player attacks, but the resources they contain are vulnerable. The best way to avoid being attacked is to keep the potential reward for your enemies nonexistent.
  1. The Long March of Shame: If you must log out without a Peace Shield active, consider sending your Troops on a long gathering mission. Troops can defend your Keep, but they are also an expensive investment, and losing them in battle can be crippling. Troops that aren’t actually in your City can’t be injured or killed if you get attacked when they are marching. If you get attacked while your army is away, you may lose resources, but your army will be safe.
  1. Participate in Events: No matter your level, participating in Events will always be rewarding. Keep an eye on which events are active and participate as much as you can—often there are substantial rewards even for the smallest level of participation, so don’t miss your chance. Our Events Window guide has more information on how these work.
  1. Kill all the Creatures: Regardless of what else you’re doing, it’s almost always advisable to make sure you’re killing enough creatures to keep your stamina at zero. At very low levels it may seem like you’re not getting anything meaningful, but the loot adds up quickly and you get House Prestige (experience) for each victory. When you start to reach higher levels, you’ll find yourself thankful that you spent the time to gather those resources as you were progressing.