July Preview – Iron Bank

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The Iron Bank will have its due.

In July, the Iron Bank seeks out your assistance to reclaim their lost debts from the great houses. Should you choose to form a contract, know that it will be signed in blood…

Participate in this month’s events and be on the lookout for these handsome rewards:

  • Luxurious Linen to craft the Iron Keyholder gear set!
  • Counting Abacus Pieces to craft the Counting Abacus trinket!
  • Balance Scale trophies can be traded for prizes in the Recipes tab of your Inventory

To help you along in your activities, enjoy a 20% bonus to Troop Attack, Defense, and Health throughout the entire month!

Gear Season VII: Iron Keyholder Gear Set

You’ll have the chance to craft the Iron Keyholder gear set while the Envoys from Essos event starts on June 28th! While you might expect a gear set that’s focused on a specific troop type or utility, the Iron Keyholder gear set features a specialized trait of high value for each gear slot. You may find an upgrade in part or in full from your go-to builds!

Let us know your thoughts on the Iron Keyholder gear set and how you’ll be implementing it into your loadouts. As always, you can discuss your builds and provide feedback in the #smithy channel of our Discord!

Feast of Cakes and Pies

On July 5th / July 27th, we will be hosting the Feast of Cakes and Pies event in celebration of wealth and long-lasting alliances! Participate by purchasing Lemon Cakes from the Store or baking Eel Pies from the Inventory Recipes menu and sending them to your friends as gifts. By doing so, you’ll earn points for the event to obtain some great rewards!

Check out our guide for more information on this event:


War of the Eight Kingdoms

The War of the Eight Kingdoms, a KvK tournament featuring our 8 eldest kingdoms, will be in full swing in July with Round 2 and 3 still underway! If you want to follow the drama as it unfolds, be sure to check out our blog that outlines the schedule, match-ups, prizes, and Discord channel pertaining to its coverage. Best of luck to our participants!


Gear Season III + IV Crafting Flashback

Gear crafting caravans for Season III and IV gear will make their way back onto the field starting on July 13th! If you need to fill out your armory, here are the available gear sets you’ll be able to craft:

Season III

  • Night’s Watch Gear Set
  • Battle-Scarred Gear Set
  • Falcon Knight Gear Set
  • Stark Relic Gear Set
  • Kingsguard Gear Set
  • Conqueror’s Gear Set
  • Tyrell Gear Set

Season IV

  • Baelish Gear Set
  • Thorned Bride Gear Set
  • Faceless Men Gear Set
  • Dragonkeeper Gear Set
  • Brotherhood Archer Gear Set
  • Tyrion Gear Set
  • Usurper Gear Set

Trinket Crafting Flashback

During the Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition event on July 20th, you’ll have a chance to catch up on your trinket crafting! Here are this month’s trinket materials that will be dropping:

House Baelish

  • Riding Crop
  • Thorned Lariat
  • Banker’s Pouch

Dothraki Heirlooms

  • Dragon Pendant
  • Hunter’s Horn
  • Wildling Arrowhead

House Tyrell

  • Vial of Strange Water
  • Scorpion Winch
  • Dragonglass Arrowheads

Conqueror’s Heirlooms

  • Castle Blueprint
  • Toy Soldier
  • Jousting Shield

Event Schedule

Want to know when each event is happening in July? Check out the list below to get yourself prepared!

Monthly Event Arc

  • Envoys from Essos (Craft Event Gear) – June 28th
  • Usury and Usurpation (PvE) – June 28th
  • Scrupulous Investors (Recipe Event) – July 1st
  • Founding of the Bank (Craft Event Trinket) – July 6th
  • Liquidating Assets (Trinket Materials) – July 6th
  • Overdue Payment (PvE Rally) – July 11th
  • Two Sides of a Coin (Recipe Event) – July 20th

Power-Up Events

  • The Priest’s Shadow (Research) – June 30th / July 21st
  • The Rise of Dragons (Dragons) – July 4th / July 18th
  • The Rich Man’s Shadow (Building) – July 7th
  • Heroes of the Great Game (New Heroes!) – July 11th
  • A Maester’s Journey (Expeditions) – July 14th
  • Varys’s Riddle (Overall Power) – July 15th / July 29th


  • Three-Eyed Raven: Insight (Season III + IV Gear) – July 13th
  • Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition (Trinket Crafting) – July 20th


  • Breach At The Wall – July 1st
  • The Great Hunt – July 19th


  • Night’s Watch Mutiny – June 29th / July 26th
  • Rebellion / War For The Throne – July 8th / **July 22nd
  • The Climb – July 16th / July 30th
  • Lord of Light – July 22nd

    **Tournament Kingdoms only

Special Events

  • Feast of Cakes and Pies – July 5th / July 27th


Want to turn your mobile or desktop device into the Iron Bank? Now you can with these free wallpapers!

To save on Mobile, tap and hold the image, and select “Download image”. To save on Desktop, right-click and select “Save image as…”



Dragon Showcase

We featured some awesome Dragons last month in June for our Dragon Showcase. Let’s take a look back at them one more time!

First up, we have Fury who is trained by The Khan from Kingdom 832! He may still be growing, but his bite is already looking ferocious.

Next up, please meet The Beast. Trained by Apøcalypse from Kingdom 1184, he’s known to tower over his adversaries to inflict fear!

If you’re interested in getting your Dragon featured in a future showcase, tweet us your submissions on Twitter @GOTConquest using the #GOTCDragon hashtag!

We Value Your Feedback

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the month of July. If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!