Titans of The North- Iterations

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Changes are coming to Titans of the North (ToTN)!

As with The Great Ranging (TGR), we love to hear from players about their game experiences so we can work their feedback into our development iteration phase. After analyzing player feedback collected by our Community team, alongside real-life player data, we are excited to present our first round of tweaks. These will hopefully address player concerns and make ToTN a much more rewarding experience!

Let’s jump in and look at the changes you’ll see implemented in the near future. 


Reduced player caps for ToTN.

  • Previously, player cap was set at 30.
  • The Feedback: Players mentioned having difficulty coordinating teams to enter ToTN. The number of players needed and their unique time zones presented a barrier to experiencing the battle grounds as intended.
  • Now, player cap has been dropped to 10 for ToTN to reduce burdens on players for a more manageable experience. TGR is not impacted by this change.

Dev Notes: Rewards were balanced around a full 30 player group, which meant a 10 player group would have been expected to get 1/3 of the rewards of a 30 player group.  This is a rebalancing to bring reward expectations in line with 10 player groups which should improve rewards.

A lessening in required victories.

  • There will be a reduction of required victories across the board. 
  • The changes are as follows:
    • Shadowcat lvl 10: 6->4
    • Shadowcat lvl 15: 8->5
    • Shadowcat lvl 20: 10->6
    • Shadowcat lvl 25: 20->10
    • Shadowcat lvl 30: 25->15
    • Shadowcat lvl 35: 30->20
    • Wight Mammoth lvl 40: 45->30
    • Wight Mammoth lvl 45: 50->35
    • Wight Mammoth lvl 50: 55->40

Dev notes: This was in part to account for a reduction in max player count, but also meant to allow players to get further in the rewards progressive. 

More manageable total points.

  • Previously, the total points required to complete the progressive were set at 725,000. This was the result of an error in the formula.
  • The Feedback: Battlegrounds were unintentionally difficult for players to complete.
  • Now, the total points required to complete the progressive is now at 126,000.

Dev notes: This is probably the single most impactful change. Firstly we recognized an error in the formula that effectively made it twice as hard as it should have been to complete; this was a bug. Secondly, the player cap has been dropped by two-thirds, and so points required gets further reduced correspondingly. Players should be able to get much further along in the progressive now!  

Cooldown adjustments.

  • TGR and ToTN allegiance initialization cooldowns will be slightly lowered to 12 hours (previously 24) to make coordinating easier.
  • Personal cooldowns are remaining 6.5 days for both battlegrounds.

Dev notes: We’ve heard a lot of feedback in this arena. Our goal is to get these to a point where active allegiances want to run ToTN once per week and TGR once per week. We will monitor feedback and data after this round of changes to see if these help resolve hesitations to jump into Titans before evaluating any further adjustments.

Text Changes.

  • Text changes for the ToTN description (found in the information hub within the BG panel) have been made to provide additional clarity on the mechanics of the system.


  • Hot Pie Hero Relics are no longer handed out upon successful rally attacks.

Dev notes: This was data used in testing that never got removed. Apologies to Hot Pie fans!


When will these changes be made?

Players should start seeing changes to ToTN as soon as Monday, 7/25.

Are these the only planned updates to ToTN?

Not at all! ToTN is an event open to further discussion and player feedback. By and far, the team is interested in hearing your thoughts on how we can continue to adjust this experience until it’s the best possible feature for our players.

If you have additional feedback please let us know over in the #Battlegrounds channel on discord so our devs can see it!

Let us know what you think!

We love hearing from our community. For any additional thoughts, or just general GoT:C fun, join our Discord today and make your voice known.

Happy hunting!