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A wise leader recognizes the strengths of those around them. They are always on the lookout for talent who can advise them on everything from matters of war, to espionage, or even how to smartly spend their coin. 

There are many such Heroes in Westeros who may pledge their service to you. These familiar faces can march with your troops into battle, or advise you from the place of your Small Council.

Heroes bring their own unique skill sets to your court, making their strategic placement a crucial divider between greatness– and obscurity.

Read on to learn how Heroes work, and how you can use them to take your keep to the next level!

Guide Index

Defining Terms

Tower of HandThe epicenter of Hero activity within your city. Construct this building to summon Heroes, advance their skills, and appoint small council members.
Hero RelicsA reward item used to unlock Heroes and upgrade their Star Level, and in tandem Star Skills . They are unique to each Hero.
StagsA form of currency used to acquire Heroes in the Hero Relic shop. Excess hero relics for maxed-out Heroes are automatically converted into Stags.
OathsA reward item used to pass to the next Hero Level.
Summon Seals (Standard/Noble/Royal)A resource used to summon Hero relics from the Tower of Hand. Players can unlock a free Standard Summon Seal daily. 1500 Seals will unlock 1 Summon.
Star LevelAn indicator of a Hero’s advancement. You can increase a Hero’s Star Level using Hero XP. Every three Star Levels , you unlock Star Skills, that either upgrade existing Hero Actions or new ones altogether.
Hero Collection LevelThe combined number of stars you have across every Hero in your Collection.
Hero Collection ActionsTimed utility boosts of limited-use combat actions that you unlock by increasing your Hero Collection Level.
InfluenceA passively gained resource which accumulates over time. Can be used to activate Hero Collection Actions.
Hero XPItem used to increase Hero Level and Strengthen Signature Skills.

It Begins With a Tower

Begin your Hero journey by constructing the Tower of the Hand, located to the left of your Keep. This is where you’ll summon Heroes, advance their skills, and organize your Small Council. 

The Tower of Hand Menu has four tabs.

Summons Tab: Allows you to view available summons.

Collection Tab: Opens the Hero Collection Panel, where you can see your available Heroes and utilize Hero Collection Actions. 

Council Tab: Opens the Small Council panel. Here, Heroes can be assigned and leveled.

Actions Tab: Opens the Actions Panel, that allows you to see how strong your Hero Collection has grown.

Tip: Each day, the Tower of the Hand produces a Standard Summon for free. Check it daily to reap the benefits!

Summon Your Heroes

Heroes are Summoned using Seals, which are commonly found in daily summons, event rewards, or offers. 

There are Standard Seals, Noble Seals, and Royal Seals. The quality of the Seal increases the likelihood of gaining more valuable Heroes and items from a Summon. Gather Seals through Login rewards, Daily Tasks, Events, and more! Tap the ‘i’ button on any of the 3 summon types to view the drop rates of each reward.

You can Summon Heroes one at a time, or save them for use in a batch of ten. Possible Summon rewards include Hero Relics, Hero XP, and advancement materials. 

Tip: Using a batch of ten Seals will yield bonus rewards– it’s wise to save them accordingly.

Summoning comes with its own bonus as well. When you summon, you have the ability to earn higher rank Seals in the process. For instance, as you Summon using Standard Seals you’ll earn Noble Seals as well. In turn, Noble Seals can earn Royal Seals when Summoning. With enough higher-ranked seals, your chance of drawing rarer Heroes increases. This progression can be very powerful, so keep an eye out for each Seal type when summoning!

Develop Your Heroes

Each Hero has a number of skills that, when active, apply powerful buffs. Skills come in two distinct varieties, Star Skills and Signature Skills. The skills vary based on the Hero, and are only active while a Hero is assigned to a march or the Small Council.

Think of Star Skills as bursts of power, you’ll pick them up every 10 Star Levels as a static buff to your Hero’s abilities. The rarity of the Hero determines how many Star Skills they will have –an Uncommon Hero will have only three Star Skills, while a Mythic Hero has six. 

In contrast, Signature Skills are available immediately. They increase in power as you progress your Hero. Each Hero has two Signature skills​, some may be a direct benefit to your Marches, while others are restricted to your Small Council.

Note the icons to the left of the skills- the flag indicates that this skill activates when sending the Hero on a combat March with your troops. The table icon indicates that the skill is activated only when they are sat on your Small Council.

Command Your Heroes

Each Hero’s strategic advantage shines differently based on their placement. There are two places Heroes can be deployed: The Small Council and on Marches

Small Council Seats can house a number of Heroes.

As you get to know your Heroes, you’ll find that their skills will differ between the combat field and the council. For instance, Missandei strengthens Infantry while leading a march, but provides buffs to Dragon Research and your Dragon’s Cavalry while sitting on your Small Council. The more powerful your kingdom grows, the more making tactical choices like these will become crucial to your success.

Tip: Use Small Council presets to quickly swap out Heroes for different situations. Check out our guide for a complete explanation on how!

While Small Council Heroes provide an advantage to actions within your kingdom, March Heroes truly come into the spotlight on the battlefield.

Like their Small Council counterparts, March Heroes can provide strategic advantages to your kingdom. Though some can serve on the Small Council, there are a few Heroes that can only be assigned to a Marcher slot.

One key difference between the Marcher Hero slot and the Small Council Hero slot is that only one Hero can accompany a march at a time. You’ll need to carefully weigh the benefits each Hero provides in order to maximize the power of your Marcher Hero.

If you’re hoping to send out multiple marches but find that your first-choice Hero is already on a march, fear not: Hero Reserves will allow you to set a backup Marcher Hero ahead of time. Once you assign a Marcher Hero to your reserves, your next march will automatically appoint the next Hero in line.

Perform Hero Actions

There’s more to Heroes than just where they sit. Once you have amassed several Heroes and advanced their Star Level, you’ll be able to unlock Hero Collection Actions (HCA).

From resource production boosts to march size increases, Hero Actions will give your Kingdom a cutting edge in the field.

To take advantage of these unique powers, players will need to accumulate Influence. Influence is generated over time and cannot be purchased. Once accumulated, Influence can then be spent on different Hero Actions each day.

The actions available to you will depend on your Hero Collection Level, or how many Stars your Heroes have combined across your whole collection. 

Leveling up your Heroes with Hero XP, Relics, and Oaths will increase their Star Level. Roughly every 3 Stars added to your collection will either unlock new actions or improve ones already unlocked. (Note: Stars can come from any Hero. A player’s cumulative Stars, or Hero Collection Level, is what determines which actions are available to you.)

Some actions have limited uses while others are timed boosts.

For example, the Plentiful Harvest action will increase your Food, Wood, Stone and Iron production for 12 hours after activating the action. However, an action like Quick Step, which increases your march speed vs hostile players, must be activated each time you send a march. You get 4 charges of Quick Step each time you use the action, and they must be used within 1 hr. Plan your marches wisely!

Note that all actions have a cool down after activating them, as listed in the action’s description. Plentiful Harvest has a 24 hour cooldown, and Quick Step has a 12 hour cool down.

Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

We know Heroes can take some time to master. That’s why we’ve asked our players and developers to put together a list of tips and tricks that’ll help you fast-track your Small Council to greatness.

  • Often, specific events will have relics unique to different Heroes. Pay attention to what relics will be available as rewards to inform your choice about which events you’d like to dedicate the most effort to.
  • Keep an eye on the #news channel in our GoT:C Discord for Hero Shop rotation announcements.
  • Interested in a Mythic Hero? Make sure you’re noting their levels and when they become available in the shop or featured in the Summons tab of the Tower. Well-timed leveling will allow you to be offered achievement packs every 10 levels!
  • Take note of each Hero’s March Skill and Council Skill. Strategically placing Heroes with this in mind is key to creating decisive matches.
  • Take advantage of your preset manager! Having a set order of Marchers and Council seats will allow you to adapt to any situation faster than ever.
  • Be sure to collect your daily free summon in the Tower of Hand!

Go Forth and Conquer!

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to raise your Heroes and take Westeros by storm. 

Stay up to date with the latest Heroes news by following us on social media at @GOT:C on Twitter. We’ll be announcing Heroes on a bi-monthly basis there.

To talk more about Hero strategy with your fellow GoT:C players, join our Discord by clicking the link below and check out the #Heroes channel!