Player Council Spotlight: Riggley

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Greetings, everyone! I’m DanDan, an Assistant Community Manager here at Warner Bros. Games Boston. As a part of the Community team, I work with many individuals on the developer and player side of the GoT:C world, but most importantly, with our Player Council!

Our Player Council is a diverse group of players, composed of unique individuals who have shown an exemplary ability to give constructive feedback, communicate broader player base perspectives, and are dedicated to helping other players within the community. 

Given the Council’s role in communicating player experiences and expectations, they’ve helped represent the player voice for many hot topic features, like Preset Managers, Stake Your Claim, and Battlegrounds! Their understanding and passion for the game has pushed for high-value changes, such as a new hero for ToTN, and better account deletion button placement to name a few.

Our Player Interview series aims to spotlight our Council members to reveal more about just who they are, and perhaps even illuminate the path for readers like you to apply for Court/Council!

To kick off our Interview series, we’ve selected one of our most esteemed, and original, Council members, Riggley! Serving since the Council’s inception in 2021, Riggley has played a crucial role in offering thoughtful, experienced feedback on a variety of game features and initiatives. Let’s jump right in and hear from her about her experience playing GoT:C.

Q. What got you into GoT:C?

Riggley: I started GoT:C in Kingdom 316 as a fluke to play a game with my husband. I had seen him playing GoT:C and downloaded it wanting a dragon, not knowing he actually had stopped playing 😅.

Little did I know, even then, we were in different kingdoms. He ended up coming back and I invited him to join me in K316, the alliance I was in, and we have continued to play together ever since. 

Our little one has had keeps with us even though he does not communicate in-game or discord. 

It has kind of become a family game we play together, with each of us enjoying different aspects of the game. 

I would like to add that at the time I had not watched Game of Thrones even though my hubby had! 

Once I started, I met some really great people and continued to play, branching out into discord for my alliance, kingdom and soon after to other GoT:C related discords. As I continued down the figurative rabbit hole that is this vast community, I went on to meet and discover a lot of new knowledge from people whose goals were to share as much as they could about GoT:C and help others develop their stats. It is what led me to the official GoT:C discord server and then to The Court and Council.

Q. What troop type do you main, and what are your levels?

Riggley: I have 2 main accounts I play in Kingdom 834, amongst others in a few kingdoms. One is Cavalry (K34) and the other is Infantry (K30). The K30 is ready to build to level K34 if not for dreaded Keystones and Valyrian Stone. My K34 is ready to build to K35, if not for valyrian stone 🤦🏻‍♀️. It is a slow and steady process. I just keep setting new benchmarks on where I want to go next.

Q. What does being an ambassador mean to you? Are there any features you’ve felt particularly passionate about?

Riggley: Being able to become a member of Council after being part of the Court has given me an opportunity to share my experiences and those of others. When thinking about my level of game play, a moderate investor on my main accounts and free to play on my others– I think I fill a middle ground. I also know several spenders and try to see what perspectives they come from with their playing style. New developments to the GoT:C platform which impact the interest of everyone in the community require special attention to ensure the best outcome for all.

Although there are times as a Council Member we get insight into upcoming features, mostly it has been a great opportunity to discuss the features that everyone else sees, game issues we experience, and bring up ideas that we hope can help.

I am passionate about every feature. There are some that have been amazing to see developed Preset Manager, Battlegrounds…  

…others not so much (Piercing Damage). I am really looking forward to what will come about with the City Refresh but most importantly Stake Your Claim (SYC). I have wondered for a while what would happen when all kingdoms eventually became one big mash up. I am really hoping this will be a much needed reset for many kingdoms that have been overpopulated and stagnant.

Q.  What kind of player would you categorize yourself as? A conqueror, a collector…

Riggley: At any given point I think I fall within most GoT:C categories. If I have to choose, I am a “Personal Achiever” and “Educator.” 

There is always something new to upgrade and evolve in my accounts and I am constantly looking to both educate myself on new features as well as help others when they ask where they can find something.  

Using these types of playing styles also helps me when it comes to PvP interactions. Everyone’s playing styles are so different, I find it interesting to discuss with people how they came about on certain features and stats on their accounts. I guess that would fall under the social category of GoT:C.

Q. What is your current allegiance, and how long have you been with them?

Riggley: I have been lucky to have been in some great, supportive alliances in the 3+ years I have been playing GoT:C. My current alliance in Kingdom 834 is HGWTZ. We merged with them about a year ago during my kingdom’s last merge and it has been a perfect fit. The game is fun, active and I get to enjoy all of the events in an active alliance while still enjoying downtime as a family and in real life. 

Being able to communicate in discord both about GoT:C and have events outside of GoT:C has also been great. The community really makes the platform what it is.

Q. Any shoutouts you want to make?

Riggley: There are so many amazing people in this community that I have had the opportunity to meet, I feel like this can get out of hand 😅. My hubby Riggs and our lil get MamaBear (hugs) from me. OG kingdom mates ScarletWitch69, Hodor, Dale, Harawin, The Savages (x3), Loma, Bellatrix, Lagertha (RIP) all of my in-game alliance family in HGWTZ ❤️ and a special thank you to Martyna an amazing gold gear roller, mentor and T1 🥰.

Also a very special shout-out to the Community and Devs, you guys put up with all our snark every day and make this GoT:C community run. You may not have all the answers, but I always know when I see Tabris is typing… there will be an answer or she will get one.

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Thank you for joining us Riggley! Each great leader is born from a wealth of unique experiences, and yours have served you well.

And of course, thank you to our readers! While our community can be quite large, it’s the opportunities we have to chat with you 1:1 that leave the best memories and times. If you enjoyed reading this interview and are interested in seeing how things fair on the other end of Westeros, check out Sitri’s Developer Team Interview Series. It’s a great chance to learn even more about how our individual teams work together to incorporate your feedback into the game.

Do you have a passion for GoT:C? Feedback for the game? Or maybe find out more about the Court and the Council? Join our Discord today! We look forward to talking with you there.