November Preview – Highgarden Harvest Festival

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Let the festivities commence!

The nobility celebrate in opulence at the Highgarden Harvest Festival, spilling wine and igniting romance. For a time, whispers of war and politics are drowned out by the mummer’s tunes. However, some still sow the seeds of discord that they intend to reap once the revelry subsides…

Participate in this month’s events to earn these brand new rewards:

  • Silk Brocade to craft the Festival Carouser gear set
  • Harvest Pin Harvest Pin Pieces to craft the Harvest Pin trinket!
  • Throwing Knives trophies can be traded for prizes in the Recipes tab of your Inventory while the Beg Your Leave or Culprit Revealed events are active!

Let’s go ahead and dive deeper into the new content this month!

New Gear Set: Festival Carouser

Your first opportunity to earn materials for the Festival Carouser gear set is during the Prepare The Banquet event on November 2nd! If Utility is what you’re seeking, this gear set has it all. Here are the main Utility stats you can expect to see from it:

  • +Training Capacity
  • +Forging Steel Cost Efficiency
  • +Heal Cost Efficiency
  • +Heal Time Reduction
  • +Research Speed
  • +Training Speed
  • +Forging Speed
  • +Construction Speed

Let us know your thoughts on the Festival Carouser gear set and how you’ll be implementing it into your loadouts. As always, you can discuss your builds and provide feedback in the #smithy channel of our Discord!

New Heroes: Ellaria Sand and Syrio Forel

This month includes the introduction of two new heroes to the ever-growing Game of Thrones: Conquest hero roster! On November 14th during the next Heroes of the Great Game event, Ellaria Sand – Paramour and Syrio Forel – First Sword of Braavos will be summonable at the Tower of the Hand. Let’s check out their roles and focuses!

Ellaria Sand – Paramour

Ellaria Sand – Paramour takes on the role of the Hand and her skills focus primarily on Calvary combat! She’s a well-balanced hero who is well suited for both Council and March duties. Whether she’s advising from the Council or leading your marches, Cavalry Attack and Defense skills will be activated. Here’s a full breakdown of her skills:

  • Signature Skill 1 | March | Max March Size
  • Signature Skill 2 | Council | Cavalry Attack
  • Skill 1 | March | Cavalry Attack Vs. Players
  • Skill 2 | Council | Calvary Defense Vs. Players
  • Skill 3 | March | Calvary Defense
  • Skill 4 | Council | Calvary Attack Vs. Player
  • Skill 5 | March | Marcher Cavalry Defense Vs. Players

Syrio Forel – First Sword of Braavos

Syrio Forel – First Sword of Braavos is the featured Mythic hero this month! He occupies the Master of War seat and his skills focus on Infantry combat. As with Ellaria, Syrio can play effective roles as both a Small Council member and March leader. When seated on the Council, he’ll activate Infantry Attack and Defense skills. When leading a March, he’ll double down on defensive skills with Infantry Defense and Infantry Health activated. Here’s all of the skills that he has to offer:

  • Signature Skill 1 | March | Max March Size
  • Signature Skill 2 | Council | Infantry Attack Vs. Players
  • Skill 1 | Council | Training Speed
  • Skill 2 | March | Marcher Infantry Defense Vs. Players
  • Skill 3 | March | Infantry Health Vs. Players
  • Skill 4 | Council | Infantry Attack
  • Skill 5 | March | Infantry Defense
  • Skill 6 | Council | Infantry Defense Vs. Players

Let us know what you think of these brand new heroes arriving in November! Visit us on Discord and post your feedback in the #heroes channel.

Creature Spotlight: Mad Fool

Many fools speak as if unhinged to entertain or advise those above their station. Yet for these Fools, madness is no mere act.

On November 2nd during the A Gruesome Act event, the Mad Fool is looking to disrupt the festivities! Known for his dangerous act of juggling a set of ornate knives, you can’t help but feel something sinister lurking behind his smile.

Festival of the Maiden

The Festival of the Maiden is upon us! Pray for the Maiden to protect the innocent from harm and cruelty!

From November 24th to December 1st, you can earn Gifts and Favors by completing Daily Quests. Send Favors to earn Points for you and your Allegiance, and trade Favors for time-limited Recipes. Be sure to come back every day to complete your Dailies so that you can contribute points towards your Allegiance’s progressive quest for even more rewards!

Feast of Cakes and Pies

On November 8th, we will be hosting the Feast of Cakes and Pies event in celebration of wealth and long-lasting alliances! Participate by purchasing Lemon Cakes from the Store or baking Eel Pies from the Inventory Recipes menu and sending them to your friends as gifts. By doing so, you’ll earn points for the event to obtain some great rewards!

Check out our guide for more information on this event:

Gear Season I + II Crafting Flashback

Gear crafting caravans for Season I and II gear will make their way back onto the field starting on November 16th! Here are all of the gear sets you’ll be able to craft:

Season I

  1. Stark Gear Set
  2. Lannister Gear Set
  3. Dothraki Gear Set
  4. Qartheen Gear Set
  5. Corsair Gear Set
  6. Reaver Gear Set
  7. Faith Militant Gear Set
  8. Wildling Gear Set
  9. Mormont Gear Set
  10. Blackfyre Gear Set

Season II

  1. Bolton Gear Set
  2. Braavosi Trader Gear Set
  3. Kingswood Gear Set
  4. Dragon Knight Gear Set
  5. Dornish Gear Set
  6. Siege Engineer’s Gear Set
  7. Whent Gear Set

Trinket Crafting Flashback

During the Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition event on November 23rd, you’ll have a chance to fill up your Trinket Armory Collection! Here are this month’s trinket materials that will be dropping:

House Stark

  • Artisan’s Compass
  • Smuggler’s Knot
  • Gelding Knife

House Lannister

  • Rough-Sewn Eyepatch
  • Wine-Stained Tome
  • Bloodied Crown

House Greyjoy

  • Sapper’s Lantern
  • Shark’s Tooth
  • Septa’s Bell

Artifacts of Astapor

  • Chain-Breaker’s Sigil
  • Kindled Pinecone
  • Direwolf Statue

Night’s Watch Artifacts

  • Wheeled Chair
  • Smithy’s Tools
  • Counting Abacus

Event Schedule

Want to plan all of your November activities ahead of time? Check out the full event schedule below!

Monthly Event Arc

  • Prepare the Banquet (Craft Event Gear) – November 2nd
  • A Gruesome Act (PvE) – November 2nd
  • Beg Your Leave (Recipe Event) – November 4th
  • Maintaining Poise (Craft Event Trinket) – November 9th
  • Pruning The Garden (Trinket Materials) – November 9th
  • The Mob’s Justice (PvE Rally) – November 14th
  • Culprit Revealed (Recipe Event) – November 23rd

Power-Up Events

  • The Priest’s Shadow (Research) – November 3rd
  • The Rise of Dragons (Dragons) – November 7th / 21st
  • The Rich Man’s Shadow (Building) – November 10th / 24th
  • Heroes of the Great Game (Heroes) – November 14th / 28th
  • A Maester’s Journey (Expeditions) – November 17th
  • Varys’s Riddle (Overall Power) – November 18th


  • Three-Eyed Raven: Insight (Season I + II Gear) – November 16th
  • Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition (Trinket Crafting) – November 23rd


  • Breach At The Wall – November 4th
  • The Great Hunt – November 22nd


  • Children of the Forest – November 3rd
  • Profit From Chaos – November 11th
  • The Climb – November 19th
  • Lord of Light – November 25th

Special Events

  • Feast of Cakes and Pies – November 8th
  • Festival of the Maiden – November 24th


Get into the festive mood with these Highgarden Festival wallpapers! Both for Desktop and Mobile!

To save on Mobile, tap and hold the image, and select “Download image”. To save on Desktop, right-click and select “Save image as…”



Dragon Showcase

Calling all Dragons! We highlighted Mjölnir Dupónt’s Dragon, Nütty, during our last showcase, but we’re looking for even more of these fearsome creatures to rise to the occasion.

To submit your Dragon for consideration in a future showcase, tweet at @GOTConquest with a screenshot of your Dragon along with your username, Dragon’s name, Kingdom Number, and other fun details that you would like to provide.

Discord Stage Recording

Want to listen to November’s Discord Stage again and catch all of the Stake Your Claim updates? We got you covered!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the month of November. If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!