Stake Your Claim – February 2023

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Update (2/24)- A Thrilling Conclusion!

After a well fought weekend, we find ourselves in reflection of how far these kingdoms have come. Each with their own unique history, a kingdom presents itself not just as a world containing its players but as a tapestry of their victories– and losses.

To celebrate the longtime reigns of kingdoms 1214, 1173, and 1174, we created a family tree tracing their lineage three generations back. Can you remember which of these kingdoms you were on?

While 1214, 1173, and 1174 are no more, their players live on in kingdoms 1365 and 1366.

Though the weekend has come to pass, the battles continue. Time will tell who of the many kingdoms will reign in the future of Westeros.

May you receive the upper hand.

Initial Announcement (2/2)

The next Stake Your Claim (SYC) event will begin on Friday, February 17th!

Read on to find out the latest event iterations as well as which kingdoms will be paired up for this event!

What Is Stake Your Claim?

Soon, the allegiances in your kingdom and those in other kingdoms will embark on a new adventure. You will leave your current kingdoms behind as you look for new territory to stake your claim in.

When the event starts, your kingdom will compete with those in other kingdoms as your allegiances look for a new permanent home to conquer. Seats of Power in your home kingdom will be safe from combat during this time.

Make sure to check your upcoming event panel for the exact time at which the Stake Your Claim event will start.

Click here to read more about the mechanics of this event in our guide!

Stake Your Claim Adjustments

Seat of Power Lock/Unlock changes

This upcoming Stake Your Claim will abide by the following Seat of Power (SoP) unlock schedule changes.

  • Day 1: Friday, 2/17
    • 10am EDT Stake Your Claim begins.
    • 1pm EDT Star 1-2.5 SoPS unlock.
    • 7pm EDT Star 1-2.5 SoPS lock.
  • Day 2: Saturday, 2/18
    • 10 am EDT Star 1-3.5 SoPs unlock.
    • 7pm EDT Star 1-3.5 SoP lock.
  • Day 3: Sunday, 2/19
    • 10 am EDT Star 3.5-5 SoPs unlock.
    • 7pm EDT Star 3.5-5 SoPs lock.
  • Day 4: Monday, 2/20
    • 11 am EDT Stake Your Claim ends.

Iterations on Rewards

This run of SYC implements a few changes based on the feedback we heard from previous events. Be on the lookout for the following adjustment to event rewards!

Allegiance Leader Rewards!

At the end of the Stake Your Claim Event, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Allegiance Leaders will receive Allegiance Leader Rewards, including…

  • Gold
  • Cost Reduction Instant Boosts
  • Instant Boost: 1 Hour 10% Efficiency reduction Red Gold
  • Instant Boost: 1 Hour 10% Efficiency reduction Keystone
  • Gifts to reward  fellow allegiance members

Note that instant boosts apply as soon as the reward is claimed. Make sure to use them within the specified time. You can view your active boosts and their remaining time from your Boost Center.

Gifts for Allegiance Members!

As a part of our iterations on Stake Your Claim rewards, we’ve also developed a set of gifts Allegiance Leaders can use to share with their teammates. Half of these gifts focus on Research materials, while the other rewards center on Building.

Gift 1:

  • Volantene Honors
  • Meereenese Honors
  • Braavosi Iron Squares
  • Instant Boost: 1 Hour -1000 cost reduction to Scholarly Fragments
  • 2nd 1 Day Maester

Gift 2:

  • Volantene Honors
  • Meereenese Honors
  • Braavosi Iron Squares
  • Instant Boost: 1 Hour 10% Efficiency cost reduction to Red Gold Flakes
  • 2nd 1 Day Maester

Gift 3:

  • Volantene Honors
  • Meereenese Honors
  • Braavosi Iron Squares
  • Instant Boost: 1 Hour -1000 Flat cost reduction to Bricks
  • 2nd 1 Day Builder

Gift 4:

  • Volantene Honors
  • Meereenese Honors
  • Braavosi Iron Squares
  • Instant Boost: 1 Hour 10% Efficiency cost reduction to Keystone
  • 2nd 1 Day Builder

The number of gifts awarded to an allegiance leader is dependent on their ranking on the Allegiance Leaderboard.

Kingdom Pairings

Below are the kingdoms that will take part in the February 17th-20th Stake Your Claim events.

The number of new kingdoms is determined based on the combined population of the source kingdoms. A non-SYC event schedule may be altered or delayed to accommodate merging kingdoms.

As always, we invite you to join the conversation on our official community Discord to chat with other players, and let us know what you think of the event.

Wishing you all good fortune in the battles to come!