Jon Snow: 3-Month Event Roadmap

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A bastard looks upon his home one last time. He’s said his farewells to those he loves and to the life he knew before. The biting wind does little to impede him or the direwolf at his side; his hopes of finding a place where they can both belong drive him onward. Though he cannot hear the drums of war, they echo farther north than he has ever dreamt of going.

Beginning in March, Game of Thrones: Conquest will feature its first multi-month event arc! Spanning across 3 months, we will be exploring different segments of Jon Snow’s epic story, starting with Part I: As the Crow Flies, and exclusive rewards will be earnable along the way.

Based on the Beasts of Old Valyria event arc we held last year, we loved that it gave us an opportunity to dive deeper into the lore of Westeros and expand the story beyond a month’s worth of content. With a legendary character like Jon Snow, we wanted to fully explore all aspects and stages of his life. A single month just wouldn’t do him any justice!

This approach also allows us to plan our themed events and rewards much farther in advance as multiple months are all tied together. For the player, you’ll have longer and multiple opportunities to earn and rank up these exclusive rewards. We’ll be unveiling the specifics as we enter into each month, but here’s what you can expect for participating in Jon Snow events and completing your Daily Quests:

  • March 2023: Ghost (Loyal Companion) Hero Card
  • April 2023: New March Pawn + Variants
  • May 2023: Boost-Unlocked Resource Plot

Exclusive Reward: Ghost (Loyal Companion) Hero Card

Making his debut in Game of Thrones: Conquest, Ghost (Loyal Companion) will be released as an exclusive Jon Snow event reward throughout the 3-month arc! His hero relics are earnable by participating in Jon Snow events and completing your Daily Quests.

Jon Snow’s adopted direwolf is a March-only hero who focuses on defensive Ranged skills. With no Council skills taking up space in his kit, you’ll be getting the full benefit from all of his 8 skills when leading a march. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Signature Skill 1 | March | Max March Size
  • Signature Skill 2 | March | Ranged Defense Vs. Players
  • Skill 1 | March | Troop Attack Vs. Players
  • Skill 2 | March | Marcher Troop Attack Vs. Players
  • Skill 3 | March | Ranged Health Vs Players
  • Skill 4 | March | March Size Vs. Players
  • Skill 5 | March | Troop Defense Vs. Players
  • Skill 6 | March | Ranged Defense

In addition to Ghost, our bi-monthly hero releases will still be happening on March 13th. We’ll be revealing these two heroes as we get closer, so stay tuned!

Trophy Rework: Braavosi Loans

Starting in March, a much anticipated quality-of-life change will be making its way to monthly trophies! Currently, unique trophies are earned every month and any leftover trophies that weren’t used during its corresponding event must be manually converted into Trader’s Scrip so that they can be used for Basic Recipes. This often led to trophy clutter within players’ inventories due to the tedious process.

To solve this issue, we’re removing monthly trophies and replacing them with a single trophy, called Braavosi Loans, which will persist month-to-month! Additionally, any leftover trophies that you may have accumulated at the end of each month will be automatically converted into Trader’s Scrip, saving you time and effort!

New Gear Set: Northern Noble

Start off March by crafting the brand new Northern Noble gear set which will be available as soon as the Jon Snow: As The Crow Flies event arc begins on February 28th! Unlike most sets that you may be used to, each individual gear piece will provide a unique theme of buffs. Mix and match with other gear sets to suit your playstyle or combine the Northern Noble gear set’s Boots, Pants, and Ring to stack its Dragon and Rally Combat buffs!

Here’s what each gear piece will focus on:

  • Northern Noble’s Jackboots (Boots): Dragon/Rally Combat
  • Northern Noble’s Fox-fur Gown (Chest): Ranged Combat
  • Northern Noble’s Round Cap (Helmet): Infantry Combat
  • Northern Noble’s Woolens (Pants): Dragon/Rally Combat
  • Northern Noble’s Silver Ring (Ring): Dragon/Rally Combat
  • Northern Noble’s Ironwood Crossbow (Weapon): Cavalry Combat

Creature Spotlight: Night’s Watch Trainees

“The Night’s Watch is little more than a pack of thieves, killers, and baseborn churls.” -Tyrion Lannister

When the Night’s Watch Trainees aren’t bullying each other, they’ll be seeking to terrorize anyone that stands in their way. Look out for these menacing young recruits during the Blades of the Black event on February 28th!

Gear Seasons 1 & 2 Crafting Flashback

Catch up on your gear crafting when Season 1 & 2 caravans make their return on March 15th during the Three-Eyed Raven: Insight event! Here are all of the gear sets you’ll be able to craft:

Season I

  • Stark Gear Set
  • Lannister Gear Set
  • Dothraki Gear Set
  • Qartheen Gear Set
  • Corsair Gear Set
  • Reaver Gear Set
  • Faith Militant Gear Set
  • Wildling Gear Set
  • Mormont Gear Set
  • Blackfyre Gear Set

Season II

  • Bolton Gear Set
  • Braavosi Trader Gear Set
  • Kingswood Gear Set
  • Dragon Knight Gear Set
  • Dornish Gear Set
  • Siege Engineer’s Gear Set
  • Whent Gear Set

Trinket Crafting Flashback

Select trinket collections will also be returning on March 22nd during the Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition event! Here are this month’s trinket materials that will be dropping:

House Stark

  • Artisan’s Compass
  • Smuggler’s Knot
  • Gelding Knife

House Lannister

  • Rough-Sewn Eyepatch
  • Wine-Stained Tome
  • Bloodied Crown

House Greyjoy

  • Sapper’s Lantern
  • Shark’s Tooth
  • Septa’s Bell

Artifacts of Astapor

  • Chain-Breaker’s Sigil
  • Kindled Pinecone
  • Direwolf Statue

Night’s Watch Artifacts

  • Wheeled Chair
  • Smithy’s Tools
  • Counting Abacus

Event Schedule

We’ve prepared March’s event schedule so that you can follow Part I of Jon Snow’s story in its entirety! Check out the schedule below:

Jon Snow Part I: As The Crow Flies

  • Night Gathers (Craft Event Gear) – February 28th
  • Blades of the Black (PvE) – February 28th
  • The First Ranger (Recipe Event) – March 3rd
  • The Old Bear (Craft Event Trinket) – March 8th
  • You Knelt As Boys (Trinket Materials) – March 8th
  • Duty and Blood (PvE Rally) – March 13th
  • Bastard Beyond the Wall (Recipe Event) – March 21st

Power-Up Events

  • The Priest’s Shadow (Research) – March 2nd / March 23rd
  • The Rise of Dragons (Dragons) – March 6th / March 20th
  • The Rich Man’s Shadow (Building) – March 9th
  • Heroes of the Great Game (Heroes) – March 13th / March 27th
  • A Maester’s Journey (Expeditions) – March 16th
  • Varys’s Riddle (Overall Power) – March 17th


  • Three-Eyed Raven: Insight (Season 1 + 2 Gear) – March 15th
  • Three-Eyed Raven: Intuition (Trinket Crafting) – March 22nd


  • Breach At The Wall – March 3rd
  • The Great Hunt – March 21st


  • Children of the Forest – March 1st
  • KvK: War For The Throne – March 10th
  • The Climb – March 18th
  • Profit From Chaos – March 24th

Special Events

  • Festival of the Mother – March 2nd
  • Feast of Cakes and Pies – March 7th


During the beginning of each part of Jon Snow’s event arc, we’ll be releasing new wallpapers for you to celebrate The White Wolf on all of your devices! Available for both Mobile and Desktop.

To save on Mobile, tap and hold the image, and select “Download image”. To save on Desktop, right-click and select “Save image as…”



Discord Stage

Want to hear Tabris and Spectre go over the Jon Snow event arc during our Discord Stage? Here’s the full recording!

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